Ace Of Diamond Season 3 Episode 6 Date, Spoilers And Predictions

Ace Of Diamond Season 3 Episode 5 was just released and the episode was very good, we got to see the new Seidou recruits and this year there are going to be many new great recruits and the new team will be strong as well and this is why people are eagerly waiting for the Ace Of Diamond Season 3 Episode 6.

Ace Of Diamond Season 3 Episode 6 will be broadcasted all over the world on May 7th, 2019 and the episodes will also be available in subbed versions as well.

Ace Of Diamond Season 3 Episode 5 Review:-

Ace Of Diamond S3E5 started with Wakana reading Eijun’s text as to how he is frustrated by their loss in koshien and how he wants to stand on that mound and pitch again.

Sawamura Eijun is frustrated that he didn’t get to stand on the mound for the last game and that is why he is going to work harder for the next time and thus starts his training while running around the ground.

Ace Of Diamond Season 3 Episode 6

Coach Kataoka is meeting with school Obi’s and sponsors to discuss the baseball club’s future at the school and everything looks good.

It’s time for new recruits to join the roster now and we got to see many talented players joining the club and one of them is even Tetsu’s little brother Yuki.

The training for all the recruited guys will start in the Diamond No Ace Season 3 Episode 6 and we will get to see how much the team grows as the episodes progress.

Ace of Diamond Season 3 Episode 6 Date, Predictions:-

As we stated earlier the sixth episode of Season 3 will be released on May 7 all over the world and will be made available in subbed versions as well.

Episode 6 will have us see the new guys who joined the dorm and club recently and coach Kataoka will start the team’s training. Two new guys are aiming for the position of a catcher after Miyuki is gone and it will be great to see who becomes the next main catcher for the Seido Baseball team.

The hopes are very high with Episode 6 and the animations are on point as well so we think that all of you will enjoy the episode for sure.

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