Boruto Chapter 43 Spoilers, Boruto Manga 43 Raw Scans Release Date

Boruto Chapter 43 spoilers and raw scans are going to be released soon and that’s why today we are here with the upcoming Boruto 43 spoilers and Boruto chapter 42 review.

The fight between Boro and team 7 is on the verge of conclusion. Chapter 43 may bring an end to Boro and finally them saving Naruto. It will be out soon and spoilers will be available prior to the release date.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation’s latest chapter continues the struggle to save Naruto and the fight between Team 7 and Boro, where Kawaki finally hinted the key for defeating Boro, his core. The hype for the next chapter 43 is at its epitome. We also saw Sarada taking the main stage against Boro.

Boruto Manga Chapter 42 Recap

As speculated Boruto chapter 42 titled ‘Regeneration’ of the series didn’t disappoint the readers. The chapter begins with Boro sprinting towards the vessel and Kawaki chasing which later turns out a trick to break team 7 formation.

As he cunningly attacks kawaki straight on lacing his virus with gunpowder. Even after taking the attack head-on we see kawaki priorities Naruto’s safety giving us another glorious moment.

Boro observing kawaki’s affection towards naruto comments “you have changed kawaki, it’s truly sad to see”. He also mentions how soft he has become. This affection of naruto and comments highlighted kawaki’s character development and were vital for further plot development as in the future he’s the one who will destroy Konoha.

Boruto Chapter 43

The chapter continues as Sarada stands back while Boruto, Kawaki, and Mitsuki attack Boro. Even after being destroyed repeatedly,  Boro is able to regenerate and counter almost every one of their techniques, but Kawaki soon reveals Boro’s one major weakness, his core. In fact, he discloses that every kara members are a modified human being with a vulnerable core somewhere inside them.

Later kawaki asks Sarada to use her Sharingan to figure out the position of the core. This highlighted their mutual trust towards each other. Soon, through her Sharingan Sarada discovers the location of the core to be Boro’s right flank. 

She also reveals how boro was using hand signs to move his core throughout the body. She knew she couldn’t share the information with her teammates and decides to take the charge and attacks Boro with a Jutsu fast enough to pierce the core, Chidori.

Boruto Chapter 43 Spoilers Leaked On Reddit

Boruto Chapter 43

Boruto Chapter 43 spoilers and predictions

Hey guys, here we will discuss what may possibly happen in the next chapter and thus are predictions and nothing is guaranteed to happen.

Team 7 finally saving naruto

Boruto and the co. might possibly defeat Boro and save our Boy Naruto who is sealed in the Jigen’s vessel. Though it is too soon to believe boro will get defeated and if Naruto is saved, it may create more questions as future Kawaki commented: ” I will send you where I sent the seventh Hokage”. Thus does it indicate that naruto will be sealed again or possibly killed in the future prequel we saw.

The battle continues

It is possible that Boro barely was able to migrate his core and possibly able to survive Sarada’s Chidori.  Because if you look carefully at the panel the moment Sarada’s Chidori strikes. Boro has weaved the sign.  It could result in either the core getting partially destroyed or not getting destroyed.

The entrance of another kara member/Konoha member

Boro’s mission was to safeguard the sealed seventh Hokage. It is possible that Kara might try to retrieve the vessel to their base and send another kara member for that. So it is likely possible that another kara member might interfere in the following half of the fight or chapter. It is also possible that Sasuke or another Konoha member arrives to help team seven.

Kashin Koji and given face-off In chapter 39, we see Kashin koji returning to base in hopes of defeating Jigen by himself who just returned after fighting Naruto and Sasuke.  It is slightly possible that in the next chapter we would see Kashin koji and Jigen face-off or interaction between the two, as Jigen himself as doubts on koji of being a spy.

Boruto 43 Released

Boruto Manga Chapter 43 raw scan in English

Jaiminisbox has stopped doing scanlations and that is why we are not getting hundred percent correctly translated raw scans. The Boruto 43 raw scans will be released on 16th February 2020 and we will post the English translated raw scans as soon as they get released.

Feel free to join the Boruto subreddit for the latest details regarding Boruto manga. Don’t forget to check out our articles On One Piece and Solo Leveling 103.

 Boruto Manga 43 release date

Boruto chapter43 is scheduled to be released on 20th February 2020.  You can read the official translation of the chapter on the viz official website or shonen jump app which is available on the play store.

Boruto manga 43 spoilers and Raw scans will possibly be available before 1-2 days of the official release date.  Be with us on the website to get the latest info on the Boruto manga and keep an eye on Boruto chapter 44.

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