Solo Leveling Chapter 104 Spoilers Out: Ant King Gets Destroyed

The spoilers for Solo Leveling Chapter 104 are finally here guys and I know that you guys were waiting for the spoilers for a long time now and finally they have been released.

Jin-Woo vs the Ant King is heating up and the Ant king has summoned the Ant army because he is not sure if he can defeat the might Jin-woo alone.

Solo Leveling 104 raw scans and spoilers were supposed to be released today and finally, they are out. In this chapter, we will get to see Jin-Woo destroy the Ant king and its lackeys.

Now that the Ant king knows that he cannot beat Jin-Woo alone he has summoned the horde of ants to protect itself but we all know how it’s going to end up.

Before we share the official spoilers with you all, we want to say that these are just spoilers and not a hundred percent correct. All the relevant information regarding the Solo Leveling chapter 104 when it gets released.

Solo Leveling Chapter 104 Spoilers Revealed: Jin-Woo Destroys The Ant King

Solo Leveling Chapter 104

We saw the Ant king accepting that he cannot win alone and thus calls the horde of ants to protect himself and that’s when the last chapter ended and now we are here with Solo Leveling manhwa Chapter 104 spoilers.

So here are the spoilers for the upcoming chapter:

The Ant king has desperately called the horde of ants to save itself. But Jin-Woo uses his shadow soldiers, especially Tush to destroy all of them in one swoop.

Now the Ant king is alone again and terrified. Ant king tries to flee from the scene and that’s when Jin-Woo says “Now you look like a proper insect”.

Jin-Woo uses “Violent Slash” to end Ant King’s life and after killing him, Jin-Woo turns the Ant king into a shadow soldier named “Beru”.

So these were the spoilers for the upcoming Solo Leveling manhwa 104. The Ant King is finally dead and now everyone is wondering what’s next? What after the Ant king’s death? Will everyone now know about Jin-Woo’s ultimate power?

What will happen in the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter 105? We will be posting an article on the upcoming Solo Leveling Chapter soon. So stay tuned and till then read our articles on One Piece and Haikyuu Manga.

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