Nanatsu No Taiza 313 Spoilers, Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 313 Date

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 313 or say Nanatsu No Taizai 313 manga is going to be released soon and fans are excited about the upcoming manga chapter and we will be witnessing the epic fight of Meliodas Vs new demon king (Zeldoris) and am sure this is going to be an intense fight.

Seven deadly sins chapter 312 was released today and we saw Elizabeth safe and sound and in care of Merlin and Meliodas and now they know that the demon king is still alive but no one knows whose body he is possessing other than Meliodas and Elizabeth.

Meliodas don’t want them to know about the new demon king identity because he doesn’t want to involve them any further and wants to finish the fight himself so that they don’t have to suffer anymore and we can say that it’s so noble of Meliodas to be caring for his mates.

The demon king has finally collected all the commandments but still, he is not at his full power and still needs some time to regain his full power so that he can fight against Meliodas for one last time. Zeldoris is shown in deep sleep with the demon king’s soul in possession of his body.

Meliodas previously opened a gate to the demon world so that he can go to the demon world with Elizabeth but now that he needs to find the demon king and fight him he asked Merlin to close the gate and Merlin assures him that the gate to the demon world is seal and no one can pass through it but Zeldoris aka the demon king has other plans and summons a beast names
“Indra” from the demon realm.

Ban, King, and the crew are getting ready to fight the monster while they ask Meliodas to get out of there with Elizabeth and they agree. Now that Elizabeth and Meliodas are separated Meliodas decides to face the demon king with Elizabeth and that’s when the chapter ends and now we have to wait for Seven Deadly Sins 313 Manga.

Nanatsu No Taizai 313 Release Date And Discussion

Nanatsu No Taizai 313 will be released on 6th June 2019 and the title of the next chapter is “The Brothers Of Destiny”. The next chapter will all be about Meliodas vs the demon king or you can say Meliodas vs Zeldoris as well.

In a way the fight will be between the two brothers, demon king has the control over Zeldoris body but Meliodas will try to weaken the demon king so that Zeldoris can take back the control and then both brothers will end this fight for good and kill the demon king.

There are many theories going around saying that Meliodas and Zeldoris together will beat the demon king and Zeldoris will inherit the powers of the demon king and free Elizabeth of the curse and will return back to the demon realm so that Meliodas can live on surface with Elizabeth and the Seven deadly sins.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 313 Spoilers And Raw Scans

There are many spoilers regarding Seven deadly sins chapter 313 and the Raw scans of the upcoming chapter will be released soon as well. People speculate that Meliodas will fight against the demon king with the help of Elizabeth’s power and will weaken the demon king so that Zeldoris can regain control over his body again thus killing the demon king for good.

Nanatsu no Taizai 313

The next chapter will be all fight, Meliodas will fight against Zeldoris possessed form and the seven deadly sins will be fighting the beast Indra that snuck out from the gate that Meliodas and Merlin opened and closed.

The next episode is going to be awesome so make sure to read the Seven deadly sins chapter 313 as soon as possible and we will also be releasing Nanatsu No Taizai 313 Raw scans for all of you as soon as they available so keep visiting and also I recommend you to read One Piece Manga and Watch One Piece Episodes.

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