Demon Slayer 195 Raw, Kimetsu no Yaiba 195 Spoilers Out Soon

The fight between Tanjiro and Muzan is going on and we can’t wait to read the upcoming Demon Slayer 195 spoilers and raw scans.

In Kimetsu no Yaiba 195 the fight between Tanjiro and Muzan is on full swing and even though Tanjiro is doing his best to last till the dawn, he is having problems hanging on.

Tanjiro is short of breath and can’t consume much oxygen and it is taking away his ability to see. A desperate Tanjiro is doing his best to stall the fight because he knows that he cannot win alone.

Kimetsu no Yaiba 195 will show us how the fight will end and what happens between Tanjiro and Muzan. The last demon slayer chapter started with Demon slayer apprentices going around the battlefield and tending to injured.

Himejima is injured but not dead, he is being tended to and he will recover soon. The panel than cuts out to Muzan who is aging fast and losing his speed because of that.

Tanjiro is trying to concentrate and enter the transparent world but having problems because he is not getting enough oxygen.

Muzan is strong and mighty but still, he is having problems against a mere human “Tanjiro”. Muzan is frustrated by the fact that he cannot defeat Tanjiro and is losing his strength in the process.

Muzan is using his full strength against Tanjiro but because of the aging poison and his body recovering at the same time, Muzan has gotten slow.

Demon Slayer 195

As Tanjiro thought he is done, Iguro comes for the rescue and we see Iguro all injured on his face and he has lost his eyes. Tanjiro blames himself for all of Iguro’s injury but Iguro says it’s not a problem.

Iguro will be assisting Tanjiro in the fight now and even though he has lost his eyes, Kaburamaru the snake will be assisting him by relaying Muzan’s information.

Everyone’s attacks have weakened Muzan and this is the time to finish him off, Tanjiro and Iguro will be going full swing in the upcoming Kimetsu no yaiba Chapter 195.

[Update] – The Demon Slayer Chapter 195 spoilers will be released tomorrow. We will be sharing the links as soon as they get released.

Demon Slayer 195 Spoilers Releasing Soon

Demon Slayer Chapter 195 will show the climax of the fight. Muzan has been weakened and Tanjiro knows where to strike now.

Tanjiro together with Iguro will try to hit Muzan’s weak spot in order to take him down. Muzan is weak because of the aging poison and his health and body are deteriorating every hour.

Demon Slayer 195 spoilers will tell us what will be happening in the upcoming chapter and how will the fight continue. Will Tanjiro be able to defeat Muzan in the next chapter or the fight will continue for another chapter?

We will be releasing the Kimetsu no yaiba 195 spoilers as soon as they get released. Make sure to check more of our articles on Demon Slayer and Kingdom manga.

Kimetsu no Yaiba 195 Raw Scans Release Date

Since Jaiminisbox stopped scanlations, the Kimetsu no Yaiba 195 raw scans are getting released late. The Demon Slayer Chapter 195 raw scans first get posted on Demon Slayer SubReddit and then gets shared all over the Internet.

We will be sharing the links to Demon Slayer raw scans as soon as they get released. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you get to read the raw scans as soon as they are available online.

What is the Demon Slayer 195 Official Release Date?

Demon Slayer Chapter 195 will be officially released on 23rd February 2020.

Where can we read Kimetsu no Yaiba 195?

You can read the upcoming Kimetsu no Yaiba chapter 195 on Viz and mangaplus. You can download Shonen Jump app to read the chapter as well.

Check out our articles on Solo Leveling 106 and One Piece 972 while you wait for the Demon Slayer Manga Chapter 195 release. Let us know what you think about the fight between Tanjiro and Muzan in the comments below.

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