ACT Age 114 Spoilers & Act Age Chapter 114 Release Date

The Act Age 114 spoilers and official release date has been finally released for everyone to check.

The long awaited Sumiji films are finally dawning on us. For over 100 chapters, fans have heard nothing but praise for the director named Sumiji Kuroyama. Act Age 114, arriving soon, will finally show us one of his movies.

Sumiji has shown his greatness as a director multiple times. His films were successful in international film festivals. He managed to recognize Yonagi’s talents first. He was the one who flawlessly captured Yonagi’s subway dance. His version of Iron Fan Princess was able to defeat the competition.

Act Age 114

Fans are overjoyed to see the relationship between Yonagi and Sumiji finally blossoming. This actor and director relation can easily shoot for the stars. So everyone is eagerly waiting for Chapter 114, to see and understand Sumiji’s film, and ultimately, Sumiji himself – exactly what Yonagi is trying to do.

Act Age Manga 114 will be the latest addition to the TV Drama arc, which has barely begun. We are still busy with the setup stage of this arc, as we get to see the state of different characters, the improving relations between characters and so on.

There is no delay this week for Chapter 114 of Act Age Manga, One Piece 981 and Black Clover 252 will be released as usual too.

Act Age 113 Recap:

Yonagi sits with Akira and . Akira expresses his joy over finally being able to choose his own roles. And turn out, Arisa is fine with it as she sees Akira maturing as an actor and finding a stable footing in the industry. Satsuki says that she has faith in Arisa and likes the fact that she picks the roles best for her.

Yonagi says that it was Sumiji Kuroyama who had picked her roles for her; she has no independence. Akira tells her how Sumiji was able to recognize her talent when no one could. This sparks Yonagi’s interest in Sumiji. She realizes how they have been seeing less of each other. After the commercial, they haven’t even met.

Yonagi resolves to find one of Sumiji’s films. However Hiiragi walks in on her. Yonagi gets embarrassed about expressing interest in Sumiji and decides not to take the film from there. She makes up an excuse and leaves.

Yonagi goes to a rental store with Masaki and Akane next. Here, Masaki tells Yonagi that ‘falling in love with the director, who has fallen in love with that actor’ is the ultimate dream of an actor. However, this isn’t romantic love.

The Rent Store manager says that they don’t have any of Sumiji’s films. The same happened in other rent stores. One of the managers said that he had watched a Sumiji film earlier but he failed to understand it.

An annoyed Yonagi returns home. On the way, she reminisces about all the times she met Sumiji and how he had enlightened her.

She was annoyed that the rent store clerk had failed to understand Sumiji’s movie. She accepts that she is interested in him and has steadily approached his direction.

Sumiji himself invites Yonagi to Shibuya station and invites her to join him. He takes her to a theatre to see one of his own movies. He says that a part of his job is to show movies to his own actress.

It is a movie named ‘Tampopo’. Yonagi is very excited to be finally able to bear witness to one of Sumiji’s films and this is where the Chapter ended and now fans are eagerly waiting for Chapter 114 spoilers.

Act Age 114  Spoilers:

Act Age Chapter 114 will be screening Sumiji’s movie. It will probably be hard to understand for most people, capturing subtle things and narrating most of it in the subtext. We believe Yonagi will struggle at first but eventually, she will be able to appreciate it.

With the movie, Yonagi will probably realise who Sumiji is as a person. Whether this will develop into a romantic plot or a director and actor friendship plot is yet to be revealed.

However, given the fact that they are going to collaborate soon, this subplot surrounding them will be key to its success.

We believe that slowly but surely, Yonagi will understand Sumiji and he, in turn, will help her develop more as an actress and improve her versatility.

Sumiji might also be the one to protect Yonagi from herself because her ability to method acting is a double-edged sword.

At this point, it is hinted that Akira might also take part in the drama. He might actually become the lead actor. It will be a great challenge for him to be able to stand toe to toe with someone as terrific as Yonagi.

He will have his own arc for development. Act Age Manga 114 might actually add him to the fray, where Sumiji advises him as well.

Raw Scans Release Date:

The Raw Scans for Act Age 114 are usually released on Wednesdays in the new Jump issue. Since they are in Japanese, scanlators translate them and present us with the English, French, Korean, etc versions, around 2 days before the official English scans are released.

We always do our best to get these scans to you and so we request you to keep an eye on our site. Also, check out Subreddit ‘r/Actage’ for a lot more Act Age Chapter 114 related content.

Act Age Manga Chapter 114 Release Date:

27 May 2020 will be the release of Act Age Chapter 114 raw scans. It will then be put up for translations. 29 May 2020 will be when the fan translations, as we mentioned above, will be released.

May 31, 2020 will be the release date for the official English translation for Act Age 114 and it will be put up on Viz, Mangaplus, and Shonen Jump app.

Haikyuu 395 and My Hero Academia Chapter 273 will be releasing soon and on the same date as Act Age upcoming Chapter.

We will be be sharing the spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming Chapter as soon as they can, so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on all our social media.

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