Haikyuu 395 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 395 Release Date

The third set is about to end soon and fans can’t wait to read Haikyuu 395 spoilers and raw scans. The official release date has been announced as well.

The match is almost over and we thought that the match will be concluded in the last Chapter but unfortunately it was a backstory chapter as well.

The third set will most likely be over in the upcoming Chapter 395 and fans can’t wait to read who wins the match. Who will be the winner? Will it be Adlers or Jackals?

This is the first league match on a big stage between Kageyama and Hinata after their junior high and fans can’t wait to read who will emerge the victor.

Haikyuu 395

In Chapter 394 we saw the backstory of Kiyomi Sakusa, an outside hitter for MSBY Jackals and a past member of Itachiyama High school.

The Chapter starts with Hoshiumi changing the flow of the game with one of his spikes and now the score is 20-19. Even though Miya has been dominating the game with his serves, thanks to Hoshiumi’s serves the momentum has been broken.

Adlers now have the momentum and if they keep on going like this, they can even win the match in this third set.

Romero is now up for the serve and hits a hard one to the opposite side of the court but Sakusa is still able to intercept the serve and the ball is once again in the air.

Sasuko is up for the hit and hits a straight one but Adler’s middle blocker Tasuto Soklov is able to intercept it, even the ball gets intercepted, the spin on the ball makes it fly and Sakusa is able to score a point for the Jackals.

The rest of the chapter is how Sakusa started with Volleyball and how he has always been a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning and Volleyball.

Sakusa is known for the spins he puts in his serves, but what most people don’t know is that he can put the same spin while spiking as well.

Even though the third set was not concluded in the last chapter, fans are now hoping that we will finally be able to read who will emerge the victor.

We will be sharing the Haikyuu Manga Chapter 395 spoilers and raw scans release date here with you all, so stay tuned.

One Piece Chapter 981 and Black Clover 252 will be releasing together with our Haikyuu chapter, so you can check them out also.

Haikyuu 395 Spoilers Releasing Soon

The score is now 21-19, with Sakusa’s hit the momentum has once again turned to Jackals side. It’s Jackals time to serve again and who do you think will be the next one to serve?

Will it be Miya again? If its Miya then we will get to see some hard hitting serves once again and Adlers are sure to have a hard time stopping them.

If Adlers want to win, they need to avoid giving service aces to Jackals and intercept the very first serve.

We have already seen backstory for most of the players but we have got nothing for Wakatoshi Ushijima, maybe Chapter 395 will be how Ushiwaka grew up and his role in this match.

Will Ushiwaka will be the one to save the Adlers or will it be Kageyama? All will be revealed in the upcoming Haikyuu Manga Chapter 395 spoilers.

Will we get to see something from Hinata in the last minutes? Will Hinata be the one to put the last nail on the coffin that is MSBY Jackals winning the game?

Many questions are being asked right now and we can’t wait to read the upcoming Haikyuu Chapter when released.

The raw scans usually get released by Wednesday and the translation takes one or two days at most and that is why the spoilers are released every week on Friday.

The official Haikyuu 395 spoilers will be releasing on 28th May and we will be sharing them here once they get released. We are expecting the My Hero Academia Chapter 273 to get released on the same day as well.

Haikyuu Chapter 395 Official Release Date

We all know how Shonen Jump has been taking breaks between every new chapters for a while, but finally there is no break this week.

The Haikyuu 395 manga chapter will finally be released on 31st May 2020 and you will be able to read on Viz official website.

The upcoming Haikyuu Chapter spoilers will be released here as soon as they get released, so stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to check our articles on Solo Leveling Manga and Darwin’s Game Season 2.

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