Kingdom 631 Raw, Kingdom Chapter 631 Spoilers Out

Kingdom’s last chapter was intense as Kyoukai tries to revive Shin, we didn’t get to see what happened with Shin and now we are eagerly waiting for Kingdom 630 spoilers and Kingdom Manga Chapter 631 spoilers to be released.

Well, the wait is finally over as the raw scans and Kingdom manga 631 spoilers have been leaked online for you all to read. Kyoukai using her dark arts tries to revive Shin while giving all her life force and at the end of the last chapter we see Shin standing up and moving towards something.

Kingdom 631 shows us what happened next. Shin is walking towards a stair that leads to the afterlife and if Shin goes all the way through the stairs, he will die for good and nobody will be able to save him.

This Kingdom Chapter 631 shows us how much everyone in the Hi Shin unit cares about him and Kyoukai is ready to go to any lengths to save Shin from dying so that he can become a great general someday.

Kingdom 631

We will be sharing the chapter 631 spoilers with you all today, we will be releasing spoilers on Kingdom Chapter 632 soon as well. So Stay tuned.

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So now without further delay, let’s see what happens in the Kingdom Chapter 631 raw.

Kingdom 631 Raw And Kingdom Chapter 631 Spoilers Are Out

Kingdom 631 starts with Shin moving towards an Stair and it the stair leads to the afterlife. Once Shin is up those stairs, he will not be able to return.

Kyoukai tries to call out Shin’s name but Shin cannot hear anything and keeps moving towards those stairs. Kyoukai’s one shout goes through and that makes Shin turn back.

Shin sees Hyou there who is asking Shin about his journey and story to which Shin tells whatever has happened till now but can’t seem to remember his unit’s name.

Hyou asks Shin to go with him up the stairs and that’s when Kyoukai yells that the name of his unit is Hi Shin unit and Shin cannot die yet because his unit needs him and he needs to become a great general.

That’s when Shin gains consciousness and tells Hyou that it’s not his time yet and he needs to become a Great general first. Shin is thrown through the white hole by Kyoukai who then collapses.

Shin has been saved but how will Kyoukai get out of there? Will she die? It seems not, Shousa and Kyogai lifts Kyoukai up and throws her through the hole as well.


This is how the Kingdom Chapter 631 ends and we will get to see Shin alive and in full glory in the upcoming Kingdom Chapter 632.

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