Kingdom 630 Manga Chapter Spoilers, Raw Finally Released

Kingdom manga is getting more and more intense with every chapter and with Shin’s death, everybody is flustered and can’t wait to read Kingdom Chapter 630 spoilers and raw scans.

Well, good news for all of you as the chapter’s raw scans just got leaked online. The Kingdom 630 raw scans leaked online are in Korean and still in the translation phase.

People are trying their best to translate the chapter to English so that all the Kingdom manga fans can read what finally happens with Shin. Does he live or does he die?

That’s the question in everybody’s mind and today we finally have the answer to all your questions. In the last Kingdom Chapter 629, we saw Kyou-kai return and now all the hopes are on her to save Shin.

Kingdom 630

Kyou Kai has been with Shin for a long time now and we all know that she comes from a tribe that’s unique to said the least. Riboku has fled and no one else is coming to Shin’s rescue, now Kyou Kai is everyone’s last hope in saving Shin.

The Kingdom Chapter 630 raw spoilers just came out and it shows Kyou Kai having a flashback where she sees his tribe and she is sure that she can save Shin with a 1000-year-old technique that can share life aura.

Kingdom 630 Manga Spoilers and Raw Scans Released

The chapter starts with Kyou Kai standing in front of Shin and asking him not to die. The Korean spoiler pages are out but still have not been translated into English. Here’s the translation we found on the Kingdom’s subreddit.


At the end of Kingdom Chapter 630, we see a Shin like figure standing and walking. The panel doesn’t show his face but we all that he is Shin.

Shin is getting revived by Kyou Kai and we will finally see Shin in all his glory. Chapter 630 of Kingdom manga has not been translated yet as I told you guys earlier, we will share the chapter as soon as it gets released on the web.

Till then check our articles on Solo Leveling and Haikyuu Manga. We will be updating this article with English scans of Kingdom 630 soon, so stay tuned.

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