Demon Slayer 194 Raw, Kimetsu no Yaiba 194 Spoilers Out Soon

Demon Slayer 194 is going to be released soon and we can’t wait to read raw scans and the spoilers to know how the fight continues and will Tanjiro finish Muzan in the next chapter.

The fight between Tanjiro and Muzan is heating and even though Muzan is getting slower and weaker after fighting the Hahira, he is going toe to toe against Tanjiro.

We all know even though Muzan just had a half-hour round with all the Hahiras, he was able to defeat all of them in a single blow. All the Hashiras have been defeated but Tanjiro is still putting his best to win it for the good side.

Muzan is incredibly strong and he proved that by destroying all the Hashiras in one shot. Tanjiro takes the charge and he is the one fighting Muzan now.

Tanjiro has already lost one eye of his and it seems like he might have to give up his second eye too in order to win this fight.

Demon Slayer 194

The last chapter was intense and the battle is heating on and we can’t wait to read Kimetsu no Yaiba 194 spoilers and raw scans.

It seems like Muzan was poisoned before the fight started and for every minute that he fights, he ages 50 years. He estimates that he has been fighting for over three hours now and according to his estimate he has aged over 9000 years.

We all know that Tanjiro is nowhere near Muzan’s level but why is Muzan having problems finishing him off? Muzan realizes that he has been getting slower and his attacks are weaker now and that is when he realizes that he has been poisoned.

Today we will be discussing what will happen in the next Demon Slayer Chapter 194 and when will the official chapter drops.

My hero academia 261 and Black Clover 240 will be releasing on the same day as Kimetsu no Yaiba 194, so you should check them out as well.

Demon Slayer 194 Spoilers Releasing Soon

As the fight between Tanjiro and Muzan heats up everyone waits for the result. We can’t wait to read the upcoming Demon Slayer Chapter 194 spoilers.

The fight has been going for over an hour now and even though Tanjiro just started fighting, he is not able to overpower Muzan and fans believe that the fight will go for another half or one hour.

How weaker Muzan is going to get in this fight and how will Tanjiro finish him off? There are so many questions in people’s minds and that is why we are waiting for the leak of upcoming Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 194 spoilers and raw scans.

When will Kimetsu no Yaiba 194 Raw Scans Get Released?

The Demon Slayer raw scans are getting released a bit late these past few weeks because of very few people taking interest in doing scanlations these days. Jaiminisbox has stopped Shonen scanlations a few months ago and that is the reason behind slow scanlations as well.

We will be sharing the links to Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 194 raw scans as soon as they get released. The links first appear on Demon Slayer Reddit and then get circulated on the web.

So make sure to join the Demon Slayer subreddit for all the upcoming updates on this manga.

Make sure to check our One Piece and Kingdom Manga articles as well. We will be updating this article on a daily basis to include all the latest updates regarding the spoilers and raw scans.

What is the official release date of Demon Slayer Chapter 194?

The chapter will be officially released on 17th February 2020.

Where can we read the upcoming Kimetsu no Yaiba 194 Chapter?

You can read the upcoming chapter on Viz and Mangaplus. You can download the Shonen Jump app to read the manga as well.

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