Spy X Family Chapter 21 Spoilers Releasing Soon

Spy x Family Chapter 21 spoilers are going to be released soon and we can’t wait to read what happens with Twilight and if Anya is able to save him or not.

The last Spy x Family chapter was amazing and now we are are all waiting for the Spy x Family Manga 21 to be released to see what finally happens.

Anya was kidnapped in the Spy x Family Chapter 20 and the terrorist was there with his two dogs facing Anya and Yor. The terrorist orders the dogs to attack them but Yor fends them off and this makes the terrorist run away with Pooch, but the white dog doesn’t run and stays there.

Anya was able to get in contact with the white dog and it seems like he is a product of some science experiment as well and able to view future events. Since Anya has the ability to read minds, she was able to see everything the dog saw about the future and Anya didn’t like what she saw.

Anya saw a future where his make-believe father Twilight disappears and then the clock tower is shown where the bomb explodes and takes out twilight.

Spy x Family Chapter 21

Anya now knows how her father will die and she doesn’t want to let that happens and thus vows to save twilight. If the bomb detonates, twilight will be dead and the world peace will be over as well as the two countries will go on war.

Twilight is out with his mission to detonate the bomb but has no idea what is going to happen with him. Anya can’t share that Twilight is going to die in the bomb explosion with Yor because she will then know about Anya’s ability.

Anya takes off with the dog saying her father needs toiler papers and that’s where the last chapter ended and now we can’t wait to read Spy x Family Chapter 21.

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Spy x Family Chapter 21 Spoilers Releasing Soon

Anya knows what is going to happen and the future that the dog saw was very detailed so Anya even knows where twilight will die and how two countries will go to war if the bomb detonates.

So now little Anya has two responsibilities, to save her father and stop the bomb from exploding. Anya will have to save twilight first and then ask twilight to detonate the bomb in order to maintain world peace.

We need to wait for the upcoming Spy x Family 21 spoilers and raw scans to get released to see what finally happens in the next chapter. We are sharing the official release date and where you can read the upcoming Spy X Family manga Chapter 21 online.

Spy x Family 21 Official Release Date

Spy x Family 21 is going to be officially released on 10th February 2020 together with Haikyuu 383. The chapter will be available to read on Viz and manga plus.

We will be updating the manga spoilers and raw scans as soon as they get released here. So make sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends as the Spy x Family Chapter 21 will be released soon.

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