One Piece Manga 975 Spoilers Released: Raid Starts

The One Piece manga 975 spoilers finally got released and we get to read more on what happens between the fight against the beast pirates and the Strawhat Alliance.

Oda is giving us one good chapter after another, the last chapter was all about the traitor reveal and now this chapter we get to see our beloved Luffy after so long.

It seems like the war has started and all the straw hats are back again after so much time and we get to see them all on the Thousand Sunny Go.

Kanjuro’s plans have been foiled and just when the beast pirates arrived to finish off all the scabbards, Luffy, Law, and Kid show up to save them.

One Piece Manga 975

Luffy’s cool line of “At sea, you fight pirates” won hearts of fans all over the world and fans were eagerly waiting for the One Piece 975 spoilers to be released.

The spoilers are finally out and we are sharing them here today for all of you to read.

The One Piece 976 is on break next week because of Oda taking a break due to Coronavirus. So there will be no One Piece chapter next week.

Before we get started with the Spoilers for One Piece manga 975, check out our articles on Luffy vs Kaido and list of best anime streaming websites.

Talking of anime, One Punch Man Season 3 and Jujutsu no Kaisen anime release dates have been announced as well.

One Piece Manga 975 Spoilers

The English translated spoilers on the One Piece subreddit is in no proper order, so it’s not clear which panel came first and which came last.

The chapter 975 is titled “Kinemon’s smart trick”

Luffy, Law, and Kid are going on against the Beast pirates and it seems like they are fighting more against themselves than fighting against the beast pirates.

The Supernova trio is back again with a bang and it seems like Oda planned it beforehand. Luffy, Law and Kid are fighting with each other while powering up.

Luffy instantly goes to Gear 4, Law uses his Room, and Kid uses his electromagnetic power, all in order to attack the beast pirates.

Denjiro arrives at the port and reveals himself as Kyoshhiro to all the scabbards and first, they are not able to recognize him but soon they recognize Kyoshiro to be Denjiro.

Nami, Sanji, Zoro all are back and it seems like no one got hurt in the raid by Orochi’s lackeys and all because Kyoshiro was able to misdirect Orochi’s attention.

Kyoshiro comes back with all the samurai in the jail and it seems like the full-on battle will be starting from the next chapter. Kanjuro is baffled by everything that’s happening and he can’t believe that he failed in his mission and didn’t know about all this beforehand.

The last One Piece manga 975 spoilers is of Kinemon in a very serious but weird face. All will be cleared when the official chapter gets released online.

So, here’s the list of spoilers from the Reddit.

One Piece 975 Spoilers Released from r/Strawhatnews

These are the rough translations and that is why you might find some errors in the chapter. Since mangastream has stopped One Piece scanlations, the raw scans are getting released late.

What Is The Official One Piece 975 Release Date?

The One Piece chapter 975 will be officially released this Sunday on 22nd March 2020. You can read the chapter officially on Viz and Mangaplus.

Keep visiting our site for more One Piece news and the next chapter is on break and similarly, Solo Leveling Chapter 111 went on hiatus as well.

When will One Piece Chapter 976 get released?

The chapter is on break next week, so Chapter 976 will be released on 5th April 2020.

When will Kaido vs Luffy be happening?

We think that it’s still going to take ten to fifteen chapters for the Luffy vs Kaido fight.

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