Read One Piece 969 Spoilers, One Piece Manga 969 Raw Scans

Read One Piece 969 spoilers and One Piece manga 969 raw scans are going to be released soon and we can’t wait to read them after the awesome One Piece chapter 968.

Chapter 968 was one of the best chapters ever and we got to see the end of Roger’s journey and how he parted ways with his crew and how Oden ended up fighting Orochi.

One Piece chapter 969 is going to be released soon and in this article, we will be discussing the upcoming chapter’s release date and the day all the raw scans will be released.

One Piece 969

It seems like the flashbacks have ended but we might get to see Oden vs Kaido and the next One Piece chapter will be the last flashback chapter and after that regular timeline will continue.

Before discussing One Piece manga chapter 969, let’s go through what happened in the last chapter and don’t forget to check out Solo Leveling 103 and Attack on Titan 126.

One Piece Manga 968 Recap And Summary

Chapter 968 started with Shanks crying holding Roger and we all know what he might have asked Roger. Shanks asked Roger if he is dying, to which Roger replied yes and that made Shanks cry.

The news of Gol D. Roger finding One Piece treasure has spread around the world and now published in the newspaper in the world as well. Gol D. Roger is now being called Gold Roger by everyone, and Roger is very amused by it.

Pirates from all over the world are trying to attack Roger in hopes that they can get their hands on the One Piece treasure. We all know that they didn’t bring anything from the Laughtale and One Piece is not an actual treasure but something completely different.

Roger then disbands the crew and have a last chat with every one of his crew members and gives his Pirate king hat to Rayleigh. This is the time when Rayleigh starts getting called the Dark king.

Everyone is in tears and Roger moves on. Roger pirates drop Oden to Wano and then we see Oden meeting Toki and Momonosuke. Everyone is happy about seeing Oden and tells him about the Wano misery and how Orochi has taken control of Wano.

Oden gets furious and storms Orochi’s palace where Orochi threatens Oden that Kaido will not leave Oden alone. This is the entry of Kaido in Wano and in the next chapter of One Piece 969 we will see Oden vs Kaido.

One Piece 969 Spoilers And Predictions

One Piece chapter 969 is going to be the last flashback chapter and from One Piece 970 the current timeline will resume. In One Piece manga chapter 969 we will get to see Oden vs Kaido and we will finally get to see how Oden scarred Kaido and how Oden died.

Many people speculate that Oden didn’t die, but we all know that Oden was boiled alive and that’s how he died. If there’s any chance Oden is alive then it will be a huge deal in the upcoming fight.

One Piece 969 spoilers will be released soon and we will share the spoilers here as soon as they get released. One Piece manga 969 spoilers will be shared here as soon as the translated raw scans get released.

Here are some of the predictions about the One Piece upcoming chapter from the Internet and Reddit.

  • We will finally see how Oden meets Kaido.
  • Oda might show us the fight between Kaido and Oden.
  • We don’t know how Orochi got his devil fruit, so we might get to see how he got his devil fruit.
  • Oden death will be shown and he helped everyone escape and got boiled alive.
  • We might get to know more about the predictions by Sharly.
  • Roger has not been executed yet, so he will go see Whitebeard first and then hand himself to the Marine.

So these are some of our predictions, we will add the spoiler links as soon as they get released.

Read One Piece Manga 969 Raw Scans

Since Jaiminisbox stopped doing Scanlations, the translated chapters are getting released late. Check out Jaiminisbox alternatives to read the upcoming manga chapter legally.

The scanlations will take time so we guess that the One Piece 969 raw scans will be released by 23rd January 2020. We will share the One Piece raw scans here as soon as they get released.

One Punch Man 126 and Boruto chapter 43 will be released at the same time as well, so make sure to check them out as well.

One Piece Manga Chapter 969 Release Date

One Piece manga 969 official release date is 27th January 2020. The chapter will be available to read online as soon as they get released. Check the best sites to read One Piece and we will share the additional details as soon as we get any new data regarding the chapter.

One Piece 969 FAQ

When will Shonen release One Piece manga 969?

The chapter will be released on 27th January 2020.

Where to read One Piece manga chapter 969?

You can read the upcoming chapter on Viz or Mangaplus.

Will we get Oden vs Kaido In One Piece Chapter 969?

I think yes, but only the next chapter will tell if we will get to see Oden vs Kaido or not.

Where can we read One Piece 969 chapter raw scans?

You can read the raw scans either on One Piece subreddit or here. We will post the links as soon as they get released online.

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