Read Haikyuu 381 Spoilers, Haikyuu Chapter 381 Manga Raw

Haikyuu 381 is going to be released soon and we can’t wait to read the upcoming chapter’s spoilers and raw scans that are going to be released soon.

The match between Schweidan Alders and Black Jackals has finally started we got to see Kageyama go against Hinata after years. The match starts with the introduction of every player and Kageyama’s up for the starting serve.

Kageyama has improved so much in the last 2 years Hinata was abroad and now is a pro in the V division. Everyone from Shiratorizawa and Karasuno is in the stadium to support their old teammates and even coach Washijo is there to witness the match.

We see some familiar faces in the lineup, we see Ushijima, Bokuto, and our favorites Kageyama and Hinata. The match has finally started and Kageyama is up for the serve.

Haikyuu 381

Black jackals already know about Kageyama’s five service ace against France. Kageyama’s jump serve has evolved and is stronger and faster than ever. Kageyama aims and sends his first serve towards Hinata and Hinata receives it gracefully to everyone’s surprise.

Hinata has grown a lot as well and is much stronger than before because of his beach volleyball practice in Brazil. Hinata lifts the ball in the air is waiting for the serve and eventually, the serve comes to him and Hinata does what he does the best.

Hinata smacks the ball into the enemy’s territory and scores the first point for his team and announcing that he is back.

Haikyuu Chapter 381 is going to be intense and we will get to see the fruits of training of both Kageyama and Hinata. We don’t know which team is going to have an upper hand and that is why expect great things from the upcoming Haikyuu chapter.

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Haikyuu 381 Spoilers And Predictions

The upcoming chapter is going to be intense and it will be a full-on war between both teams. Hinata vs Kageyama will be intense and we will get to see how much Hinata has improved in the last chapters.

We will get to see the true strength of Schweidan Alders and Kageyama and the fruits of his last two-year training. Ushijima Wakatoshi is another ace in the hole that can change the whole scenario of the game in one half.

The Haikyuu 381 spoilers are going to be released soon and we will update the spoilers and raw scans here as soon as they get released online.

The Haikyuu manga chapter 381 will be officially released on 27th January 2020. You can read the upcoming chapter on the Shonen manga or Viz app.

Demon Slayer 191 and Black Clover 237 will be released together with Haikyuu chapter 381. We will update this article as soon as we get any new news from the Haikyuu author or Shonen, so make sure to follow us on all social media sites to get notified as soon as we post.

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