Read Dr Stone 135 Spoilers, Raw And Release Date Here!

Dr stone chapter 135 is taking its sweet time to get released and fans are excitedly waiting to read Dr Stone 135 spoilers as they are very excited to know what happens between Senky and Ibara. Who will come on top and how will everyone get depetrified.

Dr Stone 135 spoilers

Dr stone 135 will be the last chapter of the ongoing arc maybe and in this upcoming chapter, we believe that Senku will finish Ibara off and finally free everyone from petrification. Dr Stone 135 raw scans and release date will be discussed here today.

Before starting the article first let’s see why the chapter has been delayed!

Why Dr Stone 135 was delayed?

Dr Stone Chapter 135 was supposed to be released on 6th January but due to its illustrator falling sick, the chapter has been delayed. Check the new official release date below.

Before discussing the spoilers of Dr stone manga chapter 135 let’s summarize the last chapter and review what happened in Dr Stone 134.

Dr Stone 134 Summary And Recap

Dr Stone Chapter 134 was released recently and we say Senku and the science kingdom going against Ibara to steal the pertification device, or you can say the “Medusa”.

While Senku and his team were unable to extract the Medusa device, Chrome got to learn a few secrets about the device that can help the Science kingdom in the fight against Ibara.

The Dr Stone chapter 134 started with all of the remaining Science kingdom warriors getting petrified by the beam used by Ibara and we got to see that Senku is getting petrified as well and we start to lose all hope.

Chrome and his fellow comrades got petrified but while making a particular pose which has left Ibara confused. Ibara thinks that Senku and gang have been petrified and now no one is there to stop him.

Dr Stone 135

When Ibara moves further he is tricked by a device made by Senku which scares Ibara’s pants off and that is when Senku arrives in his science lab. Ibara has no idea what is going on and how Senku didn’t turn into stone and that is when the chapter ended.

So, now everyone is thinking what will happen in the next Dr Stone chapter 135 and will there be a one on one between Senku and Ibara now? Well, we will have to wait for the Dr stone 135 spoilers to finally understand how Senku didn’t turn into stone and why Chrome and others were making that pose.

Read Dr Stone 135 Spoilers From The Internet

Dr stone’s new chapter is yet to be released and we believe that the spoilers for chapter 135 will be delayed as well. Fans have started discussing the spoilers on the web and have come with their own version of the next chapter’s spoilers.

Today we will be sharing some spoilers from the Internet. All the ideas here are collected from the Internet and we post the official spoilers as soon as they get released.

Dr Stone 135 will be a fight between Senku and Ibara, where Senku will be using his science arsenal whereas Ibara has nothing at his disposal. Senku has already surprised and scared Ibara with his trick but now the time has come to stop the petrification beam for good.

Senku will win in the next chapter for sure and then free everyone using the petrification beam. Many people are debating on the way Chrome and the rest were standing when they got turned into stone.

Some believe that Chrome was trying to relay information to Senku by making the hand gestures. Fans speculate that Chrome cracked the traveling speed of the petrification beam and alerted Senku using the signals.

Dr stone chapter 135 will finally show the damn Medusa device and now we all know that it works with a voice command. Dr Stone 135 will be the last chapter of this arc and then the new arc will start.

Dr Stone 135 Raw Scans Release

Dr stone manga 135 has been delayed and because of this the raw scans will be delayed as well. The chapter will be first translated from Japanese to English and then shared with everyone.

The Dr stone 135 raw scans will be available on 18th January 2020 and we will share them here as soon as they get released.

Jaiminisbox has stopped scanlations so the chapter will get translated late now. Check Jaiminisbox alternatives to find manga sites to read Dr Stone legally.

Dr Stone 135 Release Date [Official]

Dr stone chapter 135 was supposed to be released to on 6th January but because of its illustrator getting sick, the chapter has been delayed. The next chapter will be now released on the same date as One Piece 968 and Black Clover 236.

The new Dr Stone 135 release date is 20th January 2020. You can read the next chapter on Viz or Mangaplus.

So this was our article on the upcoming Dr Stone manga 135. The spoilers and raw scans will be updated soon. So make sure to follow us to get notified when the next chapter releases and check out Dr. Stone Season 2 article.


Why was Dr Stone 135 delayed?

The chapter was delayed because the illustrator fell sick.

What is the new Dr Stone 135 release date?

The next Dr stone manga chapter will be released on 20th January 2020.

Senku Vs Ibara : Who will win?

We all know that Ibara will put up a fight but Senku will win by using his scientific inventions.

Where can we read Dr Stone manga 135 raw scans

We will post the raw scans here on our website as soon as they get released.

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