One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 English Subbed Spoilers

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 English Subbed will be released soon and in this post we will be talking about the upcoming One Punch Man episode and we will be discussing the last episode as well as what we expect from the next episode and we will be listing the release date of One punch man Season 2 Episode 8.

One Punch man season 2 started airing on 9th April and the episodes have been great since then and now the eighth episode will be airing soon and we are here to discuss what we think will be going on in the episode and where it’s heading. One Punch man has different animation studio for season 2 and at first, people said that the animation looks plain compared to season 1 but the animations have started getting good and we can finally watch One Punch man in all its glory.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8

One Punch Man S2 Episode 7 got released and we got to see Saitama Vs Suiryu and we got to see the true strength of Suiryu and we can say that he is very strong and we can assume that he is equal to S rank heroes in strength but we all know how strong Saitama is and we all knew he will win but Suiryu showed all of us how strong he is and can be a help in the future for sure.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 English Subbed Release Date And Trailer

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 title is “The Resistance Of The Strong” and the episode will be released on 29th May 2019. The episode will be aired all over the world and English Subbed version of the episode will be available on the Internet around twenty minutes of the episode release.

There are several translators online who translate the episodes as soon as they are released and then publish subbed versions of them in various languages like English Subbed, Indonesia Subbed, etc.

One Punch Man S2 Episode 8 Spoilers And Predictions

Saitama fought Suiryu in the last episode and we got to see how powerful Suiryu is and we can say that Suiryu is easily on par with most of the S rank heroes. Saitama wanted to get a taste of martial artist world and that’s why entered the tournament but he got nothing to learn there because as we all know Saitama is super strong and no one seems to be his equal right now and that is why he doesn’t take Martial arts seriously.

Saitama defeated Suiryu in episode 7 and class S heroes were battling monsters sent by the monster association and we also got to see a very strong monster approaching the tournament stadium and he is named Goketsu and in Episode 8 we might see Saitama Vs Goketsu.

Goketsu is the winner of the last year’s tournament and he was approached by the monster association and he ate the monster cells and now he has become a monster and has grown even stronger than before.

The monster association will be sending more monsters to defeat the hero association and we finally got to see the monster king “Orochi”. The upcoming chapters are going to be interesting for sure so make sure you stay tuned to our website as we will be posting more content related to One Punch man and don’t forget to read the upcoming Chapter One Punch Man 156.

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