One Punch Man Chapter 132 Release Date & Spoilers

Today we will be discussing the upcoming One Punch Man Chapter 132 spoilers, raw scans and release date.

With the fight enraging for multiple chapters, fans finally get a much deserved break from the destruction.

One Punch Man is primarily a webtoon written and illustrated by ONE. The manga uses the webtoon story combined with the stellar artwork of Yusuke Murata. It is licensed by Viz and is serialized by Shueisha in their Shonen Jump series. It has a steady digital release and tankobon volumes as well.

One Punch Man is Saitama’s journey. It is a seinen comedy series that is extremely battle heavy. Saitama is a parody hero who is so strong that he can defeat literally anyone.

However, Saitama’s failure in self-evaluation leads to him leading a boring and meaningless life. The series covers themes of isolation and difference while maintaining a shonen like battle format. This makes it infinitely interesting.

One Punch Man Chapter 132

Currently we are in the Monster Association arc, steadily approaching the climax. This arc has been a huge, continuing for more than 2 years now. The long awaited final battle is just around the corner.

There were plans for One Punch Man Season 3 this year but unfortunately, everything anime has been delayed because of the pandemic going around.

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One-Punch Man 131 Recap

Chapter 131: Heroes Never Lose

Hero Metal Bat is in the hospital with his sister. The TV shows the news of the ongoing destruction and the citizens in peril. Metal Bat sneaks out of the hospital, deciding to help ease the situation. He comforts his sister saying that ‘Heroes never lose’.

A nurse comes into room to find a note on the bed. It says that the hospital should use the bed for someone rescued from the disaster. The note is from Mumen Rider. Mumen meets Tanktop Master outside and they ride to the site of destruction.

Tanktop respects Mumen for his efforts and heroic mentality. Mumen knows about his lack of strength and decides to help the citizens in evacuating.

The Tanktop followers all contemplate the meaning of Tanktops’s action. After a lot of deliberation, they decide to head out and act like heroes. This action inspires the members of the Blizzard group. They too leave the hospital. Multiple other heroes do the same.

Suiryu and a group of martial artists meet. As they see the heroes leaving, Suiryu says that he wants to become a hero.

Elsewhere, Saitama is trapped along with Flashy Flash and the one-eyed monster. Since Flash is trapped, they try various methods to rescue him but stones keep dropping on Saitama’s head. The monster even uses Saitama’s head to bounce light, making the area visible.

The chapter ends with Saitama getting ashamed of his Hero name, that is, Caped Baldy. He introduces himself as Saitama to the female monster, named Monaco.

One Punch Man Chapter 132 Spoilers and theories:

This chapter is a light hearted one with lots of comical moments. The Tanktop followers trying to decipher messages was extremely funny. And the variety of faces and antics from Saitama truly reminds us that One Punch Man is indeed a parody series.

One Punch Man manga 132 will probably send us back to the serious side of things.

We see Metal Bat and Tanktop approaching the battlefield. We might get to see them fight some monsters. Mumen Rider will rescue the citizens to the best his abilities. The loads of heroes shown in this chapter will not be useful in the battle against Psykos and the Cadres. But they can protect the citizens from the slimy parts of Orochi that escaped or any rogue monsters.

As we predicted before, this battle between Tatsumaki and Psykos will continue and Psykos will probably come out on top. That is when he will see Saitama or possibly Garou in action. Now that Genos has entered the fray, One Punch Man 132 might give him some exposure.

Seeing so much damage and destruction, we are forced to wonder. Will some of the heroes die? We believe we will see one or two deaths of S-Class Heroes. Psykos merged with Orochi seems to possess phenomenal power and maybe even Tatsumaki will fall short.

Saitama will manage to get out along with Flashy Flash and that is when the climax will dawn on this arc. With more fights ensuing, the upcoming battle will be extremely impressive and fans are very hyped for more.

The spoiler links will be shared here as soon as anything gets released online, One Piece 979, and My Hero Academia 270 spoilers have been delayed as well.

One Punch Man 132 Release Date:

Since it is a monthly manga, One Punch Man manga 132 raw scans are expected to drop in May, probably the 3rd week. In no time, it will be picked up for scanlation. The One Punch Man raw scans will be translated, typeset and redrawn, providing us with the fan translations. The date is unspecified now but it will be in May.

As for the official scans, One Punch Man Chapter 132 will be available on Viz, Mangaplus, and Shonen Jump App on the 22nd or 29th of July, 2020. This is due to a delay in Shonen Jump’s publishing of the series. Currently, it’s trying its best to catch up to the official chapters.

One Punch Man Manga 132 Raw Scans:

Since it is a manga, the raw scans for One Punch Man Chapter 132 will be in Japanese. Due to the recent irregular release, it has been harder to gather the raw scans but we are doing our best to find them. They’re our primary sources of spoiler and we will upload them as soon as they’re available.

Don’t forget to check out the official release on Viz or Shonen Jump app. Visit ‘r/OnePunchMan’ subreddit for multiple discussion, theories and fanart related to this series.

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