One Punch Man 129 Raw, One Punch Man Manga 129 Release Date

Today we will be talking about the upcoming One Punch Man 129 raw and One Punch Man Chapter 129 release date.

It’s a battle of Psychics!!! Tatsumaki and Psykos duke in out Esper-fashion, complete Akira vibes. Fans are exhilarated by this telekinetic battle and are waiting for a whole month just to get more of this.

They are hoping One Punch Man Chapter 129 will shed more light on this. And Murata’s futuristic, flashy art style only yells positive.

One Punch Man is the story of Saitama, a man who became a hero for fun. Saitama is so strong that most of his enemies die simply from one punch, hence the title.

One Punch Man 129

Saitama is the embodiment of the themes of how the denial of self-actualization to someone can lead to a meaningless life. OPM embodies Kafka’s themes of alienation, existentialism, etc but with a shounen-esque hopeful yet somber tone.

One Punch Man is a seinen manga made by ONE and Yusuke Murata and published in Tonari no Young Jump.

The Monster Association arc is approaching its climax. The underground battle is slowly moving upstairs. All the pieces in play are finally falling into place and a legendary battle is in the making.

One Punch Man 129 will bring it further towards the surface. But before that, let us take a quick look at One Punch Man Chapter 128.

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One Punch Man Chapter 128 Recap:

One Punch Man 128: Invasive Touch

Psykos merges with Lord Orochi’s remains despite Tatsumaki’s constant attacks. Tatsumaki remembers how she suffered as a kid and holds back from going all out, before the hostage is rescued.

Psykos struggles to keep her sanity as Orochi tries to take over her body and mind. Psykos uses a major blast of Psychic powers and suppresses Orochi. They fuse and assume a gigantic monster form.

Orochi is set on getting revenge from Saitama. Tatsumaki realizes her attacks are less effective on this new, merged form. It uses gravity pull on her and she defends using a protective sphere. Psykos assumes a gigantic humanoid form, and reverses Tatsumaki’s barrier; She corrupts it and turns it inside out.

Unable to find a solution, Tatsumaki suffers immense damage. Saitama and Flashy Flash keep dodging the remains of Orochi while protecting the monster they kept as a hostage. Orochi touches Saitama’s held but is instantly destroyed by one punch. This punch kills a huge amount of Orochi’s monster cells, thoroughly damaging the hideout as well.

Psykos gets distracted by this attack and Tatsumaki is set free. King confirms that he has saved the hostage. Tatsumaki smiles gladly and gets ready to go all out with her powers.

One Punch Man Chapter 129 Raw Scans:

We can expect the main bunch of the raw scans for One Punch Man 129 to arrive in April. We are always trying our best to get these scans to you as swiftly as possible. These scans are major sources for our spoilers section. Keep an eye on our site for these raw scans.

Keep an eye on Twitter and OPM subreddit to see more of these and a lot of discussions as well. If you have any queries, or problems or theories, please put them in our comment section. We really appreciate your feedback on our content.

One Punch Man 129 Spoilers and theories:

As predicted, Psykos merged with Orochi and turned the tides of the battle. But the questions remain. Is this new form enough to defeat Tatsumaki? Now that Tatsumaki is going all out, can Psykos handle her? How strong is Tatsumaki when she is completely serious?

We believe that Tatsumaki will regain the upper hand in the battle. She will dominate Psykos again. But, we stand by the theory, that she will lose eventually.

One Punch Man Chapter 129

Tatsumaki is gravely injured and since she is an esper, she needs a lot of focus to battle. Psykos will get her cadres to help and Orochi will keep absorbing more monster cells and power up. That will lead to the fall of Tatsumaki.

We think Saitama is the one who will defeat Psykos. Orochi already holds a grudge against him, and Psykos got a feel of him in One Punch Man Chapter 128. Their battle isn’t far away. However, it won’t be the final battle of the arc.

Since the hideout is destroyed and Tatsumaki plans to turn everything upside down, the battlefield will be the surface. We will see more of the cadres and their terrific powers. The cadres have successfully suppressed multiple S-rank Heroes and will keep doing so. Golden Sperm will play a big role.

Flashy Flash is experiencing Saitama’s powers first hand and we believe, he will join Genos, King and Bang in realizing the true potential of Saitama and how he can be a perfect hero.

One Punch Man Chapter 129 Release Date:

One Punch Man is a manga that releases monthly. We are expecting One Punch Man Manga Chapter 129 to arrive on the second week of April. Please keep an eye on our site to see if the new chapter has arrived or not.

We will provide the links to the best and fastest fan translations. Also, if you’re interested in the official translations, check out Viz or Mangaplus. One Punch Man 129 will be available on Viz no sooner than May 27, 2020.

Also, you can catch up on all previous chapters from Viz by subscribing. With a monthly subscription, Viz offers every manga related to Shonen Jump.

Let us know what you think will happen in the upcoming chapter and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and also read our articles on Luffy vs Kaido and One Piece.

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