One Punch Man 128 Raw, One Punch Man Manga 128 Release Date

The One Punch Man 128 official chapter got delayed and now fans can’t wait to read the upcoming One Punch Man Manga 128 raw scans and upcoming spoilers.

With the latest Chapter, One-Punch Man has reached the climax of the Monster Association arc. The story has taken a minor break from Saitama and focused on the antagonist, Garou.

Fans are very interested to see how the battle between Saitama, Orochi, and Garou plays out.

One-Punch Man is written by ONE, the creator of Mob Psycho 100; and its illustration is done by Yusuke Murata, the man behind Eyeshield 21. It is a monthly manga that is currently being serialized in Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump.

One Punch Man 128

Its webcomic was a massive hit and the anime, adapted by Studio Madhouse, earned wild popularity. Despite, the setback due to the second season’s poor performance, the series still has a highly loyal fanbase.

The series is currently in its second major arc, the Monster Association Arc, which is also the longest one so far. This arc has featured several important events and finally, the long-awaited monsterification of Garou has seemingly arrived.

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The One Punch Man Season 3 will be airing soon as well and fans can’t wait to watch the anime.

Let us quickly recap One Punch Man Chapter 127.

One Punch Man Chapter 127 Recap:

Chapter 127: Demons Combined!

Tatsumaki discovers Psykos’ location and hurls her upwards using her telekinetic powers. Even though Psykos resists, she is no match for Tatsumaki’s skills and goes crashing upwards through several floors.

Psykos barely avoids clashing into the kart that Saitama and Flashy-Flash are riding. An immense psychic clash takes place between Tatsumaki and Psykos.

When Tatsumaki questions the location of the boy taken hostage, it is revealed that King met the boy and took him towards the surface. Even though King was afraid of a monster in disguise, it turned out to be an invisible, cowardly one, that fled immediately.

As the monster flees, he is absorbed into a mass. That mass is actually Orochi’s heart and has been absorbing any monster in its reach to regain its previous form.

Tatsumaki gains the upper hand and tortures Psykos into revealing the intel on the hostage. But when she requests backup for retrieving the kid, Amai Mask requests help in return as he is having trouble in defeating a Cadre. Tatsumaki is annoyed by his incompetence.

Noticing Tatsumaki’s distraction, Psykos tries to turn the tides. She is freed from her psychic shackles when Orochi shoots at Tatsumaki allowing Psykos to be free.

Psykos attempts to merge with Orochi since their combined power has a greater chance of defeating the opponent. Nearby, Saitama is disgusted by Orochi’s remains and assists Flash in dodging all the mess.

One Punch Man Chapter 128 Spoilers:

The battle between Psykos and Tatsumaki has reached the next stage. They both exposed completely and having similar abilities, they can match each other. But the questions remain. Who is Psykos? Will Psykos merge with Orochi? Will she be able to defeat Tatsumaki?

We believe Psykos to be a human with genius intellect. Both Tatsumaki and Saitama have stated that she is indeed human. We know she disguised herself as Gyoro-Gyoro.

One Punch Man Manga 128

That means, she is the mastermind behind the Monster Association. She created Orochi and developed the monsterfication method. And so, it is unlikely that she will lose. After merging with Orochi, she will still have her incredibly powerful monster Cadres to help her defeat Tatsumaki.

In One Punch Man Manga 128, we believe, we will see the fight getting completely relocated to the surface, near the Z-City. King will probably escape with the hostage kid, thereby retaining his reputation and being the hero of the mission.

We can expect an appearance from Genos and everyone will probably be gathered at one spot.

What will happen to Garou? We believe, Garou will break his limiter completely and bring a crushing defeat onto DarkShine. We can expect Garou to transform into a monster. In front of all S-rank heroes, Garou will find himself with new power.

Based on webtoon, Garou will turn into a near-perfect monster and stomp every S-rank hero. He will become the final, the most dangerous villain of the arc.

We can then expect the appearance of our protagonist Saitama. However, we believe this fight will be different. Garou, despite being a monster, has a human side to him and for once, Saitama will decide to be a real hero.

Saitama will not kill, but release Garou from the societal shackles that drove him to commit his actions.

One-Punch Man 128 Raw Scans

One-Punch Man is a Japanese seinen manga. Hence, its chapters range from 30 to 100 pages per chapter, often with a redraw featuring more details. Hence, it is released monthly.

One Punch Man 128 is set to release in March, possibly in the third or the fourth week. We are constantly checking for the release of the raw scans and we will provide it as soon as we get them.

Since the manga is in Japanese, it will take scanlators around 30 hours to provide the translated version. Currently, the fan translations of this manga are widely accepted.

Speaking of One Punch man, fans are eagerly waiting for the One Punch Man season 3 release date and we have got some latest news regarding Dr Stone Season 2 release date as well.

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 128 Official Release Date

As for the official release, check Viz. However, Viz is currently lagging. It is releasing the previous chapters weekly and by projection, we can expect One-Punch Man 128 official translations on 20 May 2020.

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