One Punch Man 124 Raw, One Punch Man 124 Spoilers And Release Date

Fans are excitedly waiting for the One Punch man manga 124 release aka One Punch man 173 and today we are here with One Punch man 124 raw scans and One Punch Man 124 spoilers and release date.

One Punch man is one of the most beloved anime characters and people have come to love both the One Punch man anime and manga. One Punch man is the work of popular mangaka “One” which was then later digitally illustrated by Yusuke Murata.

One Punch Man 124

Recap of One Punch Man Chapter 123

One Punch man chapter 123 was released recently and we got to see a lot of new things and among them the one that surprised us the most was the unveil of the new villian that is hiding right now.

The One punch man manga 123 started by showing how powerful S rank hero Pig God is and how he is able to eat and digest even monsters. It was revealed that he had a very thick skin and he has eaten so much in past that he is now able to eat even monsters and no toxic can do anything to his body.

The fight between S class heroes and the monster association have been going on for some time and for the first time we saw S rank heroes losing. All of the high ranked S class heroes are in trouble and the monster association has total control over the fight now.

In the manga we were shown that Pig God, Atomic samurai, A class rank 1 hero Amai Mask and even child emperor have been beaten and there is no one there to save them. According to the monster association their will to fight have been broken and death is inevitable for them.

When it seems like there is no hope left for the Hero association, the S class rank 2 hero Tatsumaki aka Tornado is shown just roaming around not caring for anyone at all. Her strength speaks for her and it seems like no one can stand up to her right now.

Tatsumaki is defeating monsters one by one and now have found the main villian behind them all. The main villian seems to be a female who is shown hiding below all the rubble. Tatsumaki using her Phsychic powers sensed that she is below and starts destroying everything in order to get her out of her hiding hole and that’s when the chapters end.

One Punch Manga 124 Spoilers For Next Chapter [ Not Confirmed]

Fans are speculating that the next One Punchman chapter 124 will be all about Genos and Garou and those two will fight in the next chapter. We were not given any panel with Saitama this time so we expect Saitama to appear in the next chapter.

One Punch Man 124

Tatsumaki will be fighthing the new villian shown in the last chapter and with this fight the final fight is coming near. The fight between Garou and Genos will be fierce and even though Garou is in very bad condition we expect that Garou will be the winner.

Genos is more powerful than ever and Garou is all beat up from all the previous fights. The fight doesn’t seem to be fair but Garou is evolving mid fighting everytime so we can expect a powerup from him the next One Punch man chapter.

One Punch man 124 spoilers are being shared all over the web but nothing has been confirmed yet and that is why ask our viewers to not take anything seriously. The main spoilers will arrive when we get the One Punch man 124 raw scans.

One Punch Man 124 Release Date

One Punch man manga is released once every twenty days and the One Punch man chapter 123 was released on 13th December 2019 so we expect chapter 124 to be released in the last week of December. We will update the perfect date soon. Stay tuned!

One Punchman 124 Raw Scans Will Be Available Soon

One Punch man raw scans are usually released two or three days before the actual chapter and that is when we get the real spoilers. We ask all of you to wait patiently for when the One Punchman manga 124 raw scans will be released and we will add a link to the raw scans here.

Raw scans are originally in Japanese language which are then translated to various languages. It takes some time to translate One Punchman 124 manga raw to be translated into English language so we ask everyone to be patient and supportive.

One Punch man chapter 124 english raw scans are released on the reddit thread first and then circulated all over the web. We will share all the upcoming raw scans and spoilers in this post of ours soon so stay tuned for all the upcoming news and chapters.

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If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to mention in comments and we will try our best to reply as soon as possible regarding the upcoming One Punch man 124 manga chapter.

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