One Piece Manga 979 Spoilers Released: Check Now!

One Piece Manga 979 spoilers have finally been released online for everyone to check and today we will be sharing them with you here.

In the One Piece 978, we saw that all of the flying six have arrived at the Onigashima island and Big Mom will be arriving soon as well.

So why have the Flying six arrived at the island? Is it because of the festival at Onigashima or is there some other reason for the gathering?

We got to know that all of the flying six only gather when Kaido has a family issue going on and this tells us that they are very important and Kaido values them immensely.

So what is this family issue Kaido is having? Kaido’s son was hinted but not introduced in the last chapter and fans are eagerly waiting to see what he looks like.

One Piece Manga 979 Spoilers

There are no hints to what he may look like and what type of devil fruit he has eaten and how strong he is.

In the spoilers for the One Piece 979, we get to know Kaido’s son’s name and more about the reason behind flying six gathering as well.

As we all know, the raid has already started and everyone from the alliance is already on the island and from the Chapter 979, the attack might start.

Luffy and Kid will be at the forefront while Law goes to the back of the island with few of the Red scabbards to subdue Kaido while sneaking their way into the castle.

Will Law and scabbards be successful? Will Kaido’s son get revealed in the upcoming One Piece Manga 979 spoilers or will we have to wait more days for the spoilers and the official chapter to be out.

Because of the golden week going on in Japan, the chapter was delayed a week and this is why it was not released last week. But the time for the chapter to be officially released has arrived and we will soon be reading it online.

Kimetsu no Yaiba 204 and Black Clover 249 were delayed as well, their spoilers will be released soon too.

One Piece Manga 979 Spoilers Released

I know how eager all of you must be to read the spoilers, and that is why we are here today with all the latest spoilers of the upcoming manga chapter 979 of One Piece.

Most of these spoilers have been verified, but some can be false as well. We will be updating the spoilers on a regular basis, so stay tuned to read all the changes we make while we wait for the official chapter.

So here are the spoilers:

Luffy and Kid have already started making their way into the castle and it seems like it’s Kinemon’s first time arriving at Onigashima island.

Kaido’s son is named “Yamato” and he has went missing. Kaido wanted Big Mom to meet his son but he has went missing for some reason.

The flying six have been summoned to look for him and a conversation transpires between Kaido and the flying six regarding this.

Kaido tells the flying six that if they manage to find Yamato in time, they will get the right to challenge the all star calamities for their positions.

Flying six members agree and thus begins the search, but that is not available in the upcoming chapter.

The match will be one vs one against the calamities and if even one of the flying six is able to defeat the calamity they are facing, then he/she will be able to get promoted to the rank of a calamity.

The fight will take place in front of everyone present at Onigashima, especially Big Mom.

Oda has staged it in such a way that before the real fight begins, we will get to see how powerful the calamities and the flying six really are.

Big Mom arrives in her Kimono and her crew joins in the feast as well. The feast is going at full swing and we get to see a conversation going on between King and the members of the flying six.

King: If I had summoned you here, all of you would not have come. Especially Who’s who and Sasaki.

To which Sasaki agrees in a joking tone. King knows that they are aiming for the calamity positions and since they were pirate captains earlier, they have too much of a pride an ego.

Numbers are present at the party as well and they have prepared a gift for Kaido.

So what is this gift? When will this raid actually start? For the next few chapters, Oda will be focussing on Kaido’s son and the flying six and the party will continue for some time before the fight actually breaks out.

So these were the One Piece 979 spoilers we were eagerly waiting for and as the raw scans get translated, we will be updating this spoilers with the latest facts.

All the credits for the spoilers go to the subreddit.

One Piece Manga 979 Official Release Date?

The One Piece Manga Chapter 979 will be officially released on 10th May 2020 for everyone to read.

The chapter will be available for everyone to read on Viz official website and mangaplus website.

What about One Piece anime?

As we all know, the One Piece Episode 930 has been delayed because of the pandemic with no future release dates in sight.

So we don’t know when it will return. The same has happened with Black Clover Episode 133 and Boruto Episode 155.

When will One Piece Chapter 980 release?

Even though we have already gone through a one week break, there would be another week break before we get to read the One Piece 980 manga online.

The chapter will most likely be released on 24th May for everyone to read. The dates are not fixed yet, so make sure to visit again for the latest details.

I hope you liked the One Piece Manga 979 spoilers and don’t forget to read our One Piece theory on Luffy vs Kaido.

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