One Piece Manga 976 Spoilers Released: Jinbei Arrives

The One Piece Manga 976 spoilers just got released and today we are here to share them with you all.

The former warlord Jinbei just arrived and it seems like Strawhats will have much help now in the fight against Kaido and Big Mom.

We might get to see Luffy vs Kaido sooner than expected and with strong crewmates like Jinbei, the chances for winning the great war is looking good.

In the last chapter we saw that Kyoshiro revealed himself as Denjiro and the secret of the port Tokage was revealed. Everyone thought that Kinemon played a trick to outst the traitor but that was not the case.

One Piece Manga 976

Even Kinemon was in dark and it was just his luck that saved him and saved all the ships and four thousand men.

So the English raw scans for One Piece 976 have been finally released and the spoilers are finally out and today we will be sharing them with you in this article.

Here at Strawhatmanga, we talk about anime and manga news and try to bring you the latest information as soon as we can.

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So without taking much time in discussion of the last One Piece Chapter, let’s go through the spoilers for One Piece Manga 976.

One Piece Manga 976 Spoilers

In the first panel of the chapter we see Jinbei has returned and he is shown as one of the “Straw hat” helmsmen.

Jinbei’s bounty is shown to be 438 million Beli, a great number but nothing in comparison to Gol D. Roger Bounty.

Law and Kid are shocked to see that a former warlord is going to be joining the strawhat pirates and can’t believe their eyes as to what is happening.

Now with the addition of Jinbei, Strawhats are even more powerful and formiddable and we will see more fishmen pirates joining him soon.

Kawamatsu charges at Kanjuro and says “I won’t let you have Momonosuke sama, and Momo shouts “Kawamatsu”.

Every is puzzled as to why Kinemon fooled everyone with the translation of snake picture, to which Kinemon honestly replied that it was just his luck and even he didn’t knew it too well.

Kanjuro summons a bird and tries to escape via sky, he creates cloud that shoots arrows and tries to flee.

Sanji uses his moonwalk to stop Kanjuro but Kanjuro summons a thunder cloud to stop them and thus starts escaping with Momonosuke.

Momo asks everyone to not worry about him and focus on Kaido only right now, to which Luffy replies that he is a man and must survive no matter what and Luffy being his friend will come to save him no matter what.

The beast pirates take a step back and start using their long-distance cannons to attack the alliance to which Jinbei uses his wave spear attack to destroy the cannons.

This is what we have in spoilers right now and we will be sharing more as they get released.

The One Piece manga 976 spoilers and raw scans are still being translated and we will share with you all the latest news regarding the chapter as soon as they get released, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the full spoiler from One Piece Reddit.

One Piece 976 Spoilers from r/OnePiece

One Piece 976 Official Release Date?

The One Piece Manga 976 chapter will be officially released on 5th April 2020. You will not be able to read the chapter on mangastream as they have closed One Piece scanlations, but it will be officially released on the Viz website for everyone to read.

The One Piece 977 might probably be on a break because of the Coronavirus outbreak, we will keep you updated on all the latest news here at Strawhatmanga.

Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this chapter in the comments below and we will try to include them in the article if possible, till then, stay safe and stay indoors.

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  1. Come on why the hell is the spoiler in the headline? This way, everyone who googles to see whether the new chapter is out will be spoiled, like I was now.

    1. I do apologise but this is for them who are searching for spoilers. The official chapter released ever sunday. So if you search before that, you will get spoilers only.

  2. I wasn’t searching for this. At All. I avoid spoilers and wait for the chapters and this came up in my news feed. Give spoilers all you want, but why is it in the headline?!

    1. Bcoz this is all abt spoilers, Why click when you see spoilers in the headlinesir. If you want to read the official chapter, please wait for Viz to release it on Sunday midnight or Monday morning. It depends on the timeline.

    2. Can you even hear yourself? This thing appeared on my newsfeed whether i read the article or not matters not coz the headline is already an effing spoiler. Srsly wtf?

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