[News]One Piece Manga 973 Spoilers Finally Released: Toki’s Death

The One Piece manga 973 spoilers have just been released on the Internet and sadly Toki passed away in this chapter.

There were a lot of things that happen in the upcoming official One Piece Chapter 973 and today we will be sharing the spoilers that we got from the One Piece 973 raw scans that just got released on Reddit.

The raw scans still have not been translated to the English version, but the translations are available to read on the Internet now and today we will be sharing what finally happens in the One Piece 973 spoilers.

One Piece spoilers

We believed that the current timeline will resume from Chapter 973 but that’s not the case. One Piece Chapter 973 showcases Wano arc final chapter and we get to see how Toki takes her last breathe and helps all the scabbards escape from the castle.

The One Piece 974 will be released afterwards this chapter and it seems like there is no break between the next chapter and fans are happy with this decision of Oda’s.

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One Piece Manga 973 Spoilers Released!

So the One Piece Manga chapter 973 spoilers just hit the internet and today we are here to share all the spoilers from the upcoming chapter.

The One Piece 973 manga is titled “The Kouzuki Clan” and it shows what happens after Oden’s death. We all know Toki helps all the scabbards escape but we didn’t know anything about Toki’s whereabouts.

We believed that Toki must be alive and waiting for the twenty years to pass, but that is not the case. Toki dies in the One Piece Manga 973 after helping all the red scabbards escape.

One Piece manga 973

Orochi reaches the scene but finds no trace of the nine red scabbards dying and thus gets infuriated. He gets puzzled as to where did all the scabbards go and he still doesn’t believe that the samurais died in the Oden castle fire.

So here’s how the One Piece 973 spoilers go.

Spoilers start with Oden’s flashback of him going around the world and teaching Momonosuke and Hiyori few things about the world.

Kinemon and the others are being chased by the numbers. Denjiro turns into Ashura or something. It’s not clear from the raw scans.

Neko and Inurashi start fighting on the fact that they think Oden died and one of them is the traitor.

Denjiro conceals his identity to stay close to Orochi to win his trust so that he can help in the upcoming war against Kaido.

Denjiro is also the witching hour boy who steals from the warehouses for the poor.

Kaido grabs Momonosuke and seems to choke him in one of the One Piece 973 raw scans.

Somehow Kinemon manages to escape with Momonosuke and reaches Oden’s castle where they find Toki. Toki asks all of them to assemble and then Kinemon asks “To The Future?”

Toki takes her last breathe in the castle and finally dies. The raw scans are still getting translated and we will be sharing more spoilers as soon as they get released.

Here’s a spoiler summary from the Reddit thread from where we got all this information.

The raw scans are still getting translated for the One Piece upcoming chapter and we will keep this article updated with the latest spoilers as soon as they get released.

So keep checking this site for more One Piece manga 973 spoilers and make sure to check our articles on Black clover and Solo Leveling Manga.

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