[Update] One Piece Manga 972 Spoilers Released Today

One Piece Manga 972 spoilers just got released and we got to see the aftermath of what happened at the execution.

Oden lost the fight against Kaido because of the old hag’s trickery and got sentenced to be executed. The execution has begun and boiling in oil was chosen as the way to execute Oden.

As Oden was about to be executed, Oden asked Kaido to give him one more chance as he has much left to do. Oden asks Kaido to choose an amount of time and if Oden survives that time in the boiling oil, he and his retainers will be spared.

Kaido agrees and sets the time to 1 hour. Thus the hour of legends begins. We all thought that the hour of legends will be the nine red scabbards doing something legendary but it was Oden who did something extraordinary at the last minutes.

One Piece Manga 972

Oden got into the oil and carried all of his retainers on a plank of wood. The execution has begun and Oden was supposed to die in the first few minutes as the oil is hot but as always Oden defied everyone’s expectations.

The One Piece 971 ended at that point and people started waiting for the One Piece 972 spoilers, and the hour of spoilers has finally arrived.

One Piece Manga 972 Spoilers Released

So One Piece 972 starts with Shinobu talking with the public and letting them know how Oden saved them and that is why he was acting like an Idiot lord.

The time is passing and Oden is still not dead yet. He is defying everyone’s expectation and it seems like he will last the whole hour. Kaido promised him that he will let Oden leave once the hour has passed, but we all know that Orochi will not let Oden and his retainers leave alive.

Oden knows that even if he survives the full hour, Kaido will not let him live. He asks his retainers to escape and open Wano’s border because in the next twenty years someone will come to Wano who will change the tide of the world.

And when that destined person comes, the scabbards need to support him with all his might and he will be the one who defeats Kaido.

As the full hour passes, the crowd starts cheering and believe that Oden will not die but Orochi had different intentions.

Orochi changes the execution method to shooting and the gunman surrounds the pot. Oden realizes that he will not live anymore so he tosses his retainers far away so that they can escape.

Kinemon and others are out of there and Kaido starts talking with Oden. Oden asks Kaido to get as stronger as he can get in the next twenty years as someone will be coming to Wano and he will be the one to take Kaido’s head.

Kaido shoots Oden as he is speaking and Oden drowns in the boiling oil with a smile. With this, the theory of Oden being alive will finally be over.

Oden wrote a letter to Toki as well which stated how she needs to use her power and send his retainers to the future. Toki does what Oden asked her and we all know what happens after that.

The current timeline will continue from the next One Piece chapter and we will get to see who is the traitor. The raid on onigashima will start soon and the war against Kaido will be starting as well.

One Piece 972 showed us why we love Oden so much. Oden is easily one of the top characters in One Piece now and we got to see how strong he is as well.

When will the traitor get released?

Everyone has different theories on who the traitor is. Some believe Kanjuro. some think Shinobu is the one. We will get to see who the traitor is soon.

After One Piece 972 Spoilers, we have no idea on who it can be as everyone seems loyal. The current timeline will resume from the One Piece Manga 973 and we will share the spoilers and raw scans as soon as they get released.

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You can read the One Piece Manga 972 on Viz and Mangaplus. We will be including the links to the official chapter as soon as they get released. So stay tuned!

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