[Breaking] One Piece Manga 968 Spoilers Released!

One Manga 968 spoilers is going to be released soon and today we are here with the update on the upcoming One Piece manga 968 and in this article, we will be talking about the release date and upcoming spoilers.

One Piece was on break for the New Year’s but the chapter got leaked somehow and One Piece 967 was released on New years and this completely disrupted the timeline of One Piece chapter released.

The official release date for One Piece 967 was 6th January but since the chapter was leaked early, no one paid attention to the official chapter and took the whole week as the manga on break. The One Piece manga was released on 6th and then went on break again and now fans are excitedly waiting to read One Piece 968.

One Piece Manga was on break last week but after all the break has ended and this week the One Piece manga 968 will finally get released. One Piece subreddit has been filled with fan speculates spoilers and we all know how real Reddit One Piece fan theories are and that is why we cannot believe any of them.

One Piece Manga 968

One Piece 968 spoilers and raw scans will be released soon and that is when we will really get to know what will happen in the next chapter. Many fans are speculating that flashbacks will go on for a few more chapters and many are thinking that flashbacks will end this chapter and normal timeline will resume.

We also thought that flashbacks will end before the New Year’s but chapter 967 proved us wrong. Shonen Jump was on break and that is why manga chapters like Black Clover 236, Dragon Ball Super 56 have been delayed as well.

From The Spoilers:-

Roger and Rayleigh Talking:

Roger- Looks like we were too early

Rayleigh- I wonder who will find the One Piece next?

Roger- My son, of course!-

Rayleigh- You don’t have one

Roger – It’s not too late to make one yet!

  • Roger Pirates parted ways with smiles on their face.

One Piece Manga 968 Spoilers Release Date

The full official chapter will be released on 20th January and if you want to read the upcoming One Piece manga chapter 968. check our list of best sites to read One Piece.

One Piece 968 raw scans will be released on 17th January 2020 and all the spoilers will be first posted on the subreddit and then here. We will share all the spoiler pics here as soon as they get released so make sure to visit us regularly.

We believe that flashback will continue for one last chapter and we will get a glimpse of the fight between Kaido and Oden. Many fans have a theory that Oden is still alive but we all know that Oden was boiled alive and he is dead.

We can’t be sure because it’s Oda and he works in his mysterious ways. One Piece 969 will resume the current timeline and we will finally get to see what happened to the ships and who is the traitor.

Where To Read One Piece Manga 968?

There are many manga sites online where you can read the upcoming One Piece manga chapter but as Oda is trying very hard to provide us a new chapter, we should support Shonen and Oda as well.

Check out the list of best sites to read One Piece manga where you can read the manga legally. As soon as the One Piece 968 chapters get released, you can read it on Viz and Mangaplus.

One Piece 968 release date is 20th January and the raw scans will be released by 17th and we will share them here as soon as they get released. Check our article on Boruto chapter 42 and The Promised Neverland 164.

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