One Piece Manga 942 Release Date: Predictions And Spoilers

One Piece Manga 941 was released last week and the chapter was named Ebisu Town’s Most Beloved and we got to see many new things in the last chapter and now people are eagerly waiting for the One Piece Manga Chapter 942 but the episode was delayed because of golden week in Japan and the manga went on a break and in this article we will be telling you the One Piece manga 942 release date.

One Piece Wano arc is going on and everyone is excited about the upcoming Kaido Vs Luffy fight and ODA has hyped the Wano arc as well by saying that Wano Arc will be one of the best arcs of One Piece universe and we will get to see a fight so big that it will shake the whole world to its core.

One Piece Manga 942

Wano arc will be very interesting as we will get to see how Luffy will defeat Kaido or if he can even defeat Kaido, What powerup does Luffy need in order to get on the same level as captain of the beast pirates Kaido.

Kaido earlier defeated Luffy by only one hit of his cleaver and we got to see the clear difference in strength between them. Luffy needs another time skip in order to get on the same level as Kaido and other emperors of the sea.

One Piece Manga 941 Review:-

One Piece Manga 941  was full of new information and we got to see that Shogun is sad about Komurasaki death but then he is told that the witching hour boy has been captured.

First, he shows no interest but then he is told the real identity of the witching hour boy and he is shocked as to how that guy is still alive.

The witching hour boy is really Lord Yasuie who was a prominent feature in the past who stood alongside Lord Oden as one of the Daimyo of the Kozuki Family.

His execution is set at the exact time as Komurasaki’s funeral and the Shogun will personally attend his execution and it will be broadcasted all over Wano as well.

We also got to see that Luffy has recovered his power after eating all of Queen’s favorite O-Shiruko and now all of the queen’s attendant are worried that how will Queen react will she finds out about this.

One Piece Manga 942 Release Date, Predictions And Spoilers:-

The One Piece Manga Chapter 942 was delayed bcoz of the en week in Japan and the Manga was on a break and that is why there was no One Piece Chapter this weekend and now readers are eagerly waiting for the Chapter 942 and it has been announced that One Piece Manga 942 will be released on May 12 and you can read one piece manga on the manga sites given.

Luffy will be learning or we can say that he will be training to perfect his haki technique in prison so that he can fight against Kaido. Luffy’s prison break will be happening soon and we also got to see that law has broken his alliance with Luffy but we are sure that he will come to help in the final battle.

The manga chapters are getting interested and we can’t wait to see how Luffy defeats Kaido at the end of Wano Arc and what will happen after Wano Arc.

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