Read One Piece 975 Spoilers, One Piece Manga 975 Raw Scans

So the flashbacks are over and fans can’t wait to read One Piece 975 spoilers and raw scans.

The current timeline has resumed and the flashbacks are finally over. It’s the day of the Fire Festival and this was the day the raid was going to be executed but we all know that the plan has been foiled.

The Samurai have assembled at the Tokage port but they find nothing, no men, no ship and are now worried as to what has happened.

The plan was for all the forty-two hundred men and the alliance members to assemble at the port and then the raid would have commenced but no one is there and there are no ships.

Kinemon, Raizo, Kanjuro, and others have just reached the Sea and there’s a storm going and no one is to be seen and the raid plan has been foiled. What will be happening next?

One Piece 975

The time for the fateful battle of Luffy vs Kaido has arrived and fans are beyond excited for the war to start. Orochi is on to everyone’s plan and the traitor has been revealed finally in the last chapter as well.

The reveal of the traitor was huge and this can seriously impact the raid. The One Piece Manga 975 spoilers are going to be released soon and the raw scans will reveal what happens next.

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Before we move on to the upcoming One Piece Chapter 975 spoilers, let’s do a recap of the last chapter.

One Piece 974 recap and summary

One Piece Manga 974 was one of the craziest chapters and the traitor among the nine scabbards was finally revealed.

The chapter started with Kyoshiro talking with Komurasaki aka Hiyori and asking her to carry some fake blood all the time with her so that if Orochi tries to come too close to Komurasaki, Kyoshiro will fake Komurasaki’s death to rid her of Orochi.

Then we get a flashback to a few months before where Orochi and Kaido and talking and it seems like Orochi already knew about the scabbards escaping twenty years ago, and he tells about that to Kaido.

Kaido is still skeptical about the fact that someone with the time-traveling ability existed in the Oden castle twenty years ago.

It feels like Kaido has some questions he wants to ask the nine scabbards and that is why he wants all of them to be captured alive.

The backstory of the traitor gets revealed as well and it seems like the traitor is a Kurozumi as well whose parents died on the stage and Orochi was the one who saved him.

It was also revealed how Orochi was able to join hands with Kaido, it seems like Orochi stole funds from the castle and later used those funds to provide Kaido with weapons and supplies and thus making an alliance.

Then the scene cuts to the port where Kinemon and the others are standing and finding no one at the port. They always knew there was a traitor among them but never rose the question and now it has been confirmed.

Kanjuro outs himself as the traitor and tells his story and how he has been providing Orochi with all the intel and secrets.

All of them are on a small boat and they decide to carry on the raid but Kanjuro outing himself as the traitor has put a halt in the plans and the beast pirates have arrived as well.

Orochi ordered Kanjuro to bring Momonosuke and it seems like he is trying to run with Momo when others intervene.

The beast pirates are laughing at them for getting betrayed and have started shooting at the little boat, sudden unexpected fires are made at the beast pirates as well and it seems like it’s the thousand Sunny.

Kid, Luffy, and Law are on the ships and they have returned to continue the raid and Luffy in a cool way says “At Sea, you fight against pirates!” and this is where the chapter ends.

The One Piece Manga 975 spoilers will be releasing soon and we will get to see more on the raid.

One Piece Manga Chapter 975 Spoilers Released!

So the spoilers for the upcoming chapter are out and show Denjiro revealing his identity in front of the scabbards and Luffy, Kid, and Law going on the offensive against the Beast Pirates.

One Piece Manga 975 Spoilers

One Piece 975 Spoilers releasing soon

The day of the fire festival has finally arrived and this is the day the raid was supposed to start and even though they met with certain difficulties, it seems like everything will go according to the plan.

Luffy, Kid, and Law have arrived on the scenes and it has been predicted that the upcoming chapter will have one of the largest naval battles in all of One Piece.

I am sure that Denjiro alerted all of them beforehand about the upcoming attack by Orochi and this is why they hid all of the ships. Maybe Denjiro hid all the ships and the men without telling Kinemon and the others because he knew there’s a traitor among them.

One Piece Manga 975

Denjiro is going to be a major part of the upcoming raid and his presence will influence a lot on how the raid will go and if all of the Luffy alliance armies will be able to get into Onigashima.

There’s still no news on Neko and Inurashi and the whitebeard pirates have not arrived yet, the next One Piece 975 will be all about Luffy’s battle with the beast pirates and all of them regrouping for the final raid at Onigashima island.

Fans are very excited to see Luffy’s development and we got to see Luffy after five months in the last chapter. Zoro has trained a lot with Enma and must have gotten super strong by now and we are excited to find out who he will be fighting.

Kaido vs Zoro will be an epic battle and Zoro finishing off Kaido with Enma will be a good tribute to Oden.

The One Piece Manga 975 spoilers will reveal more about the upcoming chapter and how the raid commences. I am sure that it will be not easy for them to enter Onigashima but Kyoshiro will come to help for sure.

One Piece Manga 975 Raw Scans

Since Mangastream has stopped doing One Piece scanlations, some new groups have started and the raw scans are very confusing and the translations are bad.

This is why sometimes the One Piece Chapter 975 raw scans get delayed. The English translations for Chapter 975 will be released around 20th March 2020 and we will be sharing them here as they get released.

There are many One Piece fan theories going on the Internet, you should check some of them out and if you have some, feel free to share in comments.

Is One Piece Chapter 975 On Break Next Week?

No, the chapter is not on a break. There was a break last week and this is why there is no break for the upcoming One Piece 975.

We expect One Piece manga to go on a break after One Piece manga 976. We will update you with all the details as it gets released.

[Update] – The raw scans will be available this Friday and the links will be shared here soon.

When Will The Onigashima Raid Start?

The raid has already started and One Piece 975 is the day of the fire festival in One Piece manga and it was predetermined to be the day the raid starts and it will go like usual.

Luffy, Law, and Kid have already arrived at the port and we believe the others to be arriving soon. Kanjuro might escape but the plan will go like usual.

There are chances of Luffy’s great alliance arriving at Wano to help with the raid as well. Act 4 of Wano is going to be very exciting and this is why we can’t wait to read what happens next.

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What is the official One Piece 975 release date?

The upcoming One Piece Manga 975 will be officially released on 22nd March 2020.

Where can we read One Piece Manga Chapter 975 English chapter?

You can read the upcoming chapter on Viz and Mangaplus.

What do you think the best pirate numbers are?

I think they are some form of hybrid Dinosaurs. Their forms will be released soon.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming One Piece chapter in the comments below and check out our article on where to watch anime online and Dragon Ball Super 58.

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