Read One Piece 974 Spoilers, One Piece Manga 974 Raw Scans

So the flashbacks are still going on and major spoilers were revealed in the last chapter and we can’t wait to read One Piece 974 spoilers and raw scans.

The release date for One Piece manga 974 is out and it seems like there’s no break this week. The upcoming chapter will be released on the scheduled date and we will be sharing the spoilers and raw scans for the upcoming One Piece chapter as soon as it gets released.

Wano act 3 is coming to an end soon and Act 4 will start. Fans are dying to see a Luffy vs Kaido part 2 and how Luffy defeats Kaido. There are many fan theories floating on the internet and we have shared one of ours for you to read.

Major spoilers were revealed in the One Piece Manga 973 and it was revealed that Denjiro is Kyoshiro and he has been hiding under Orochi and he is the witching hour boy as well.

One Piece 974

Kaido seemed super strong at first but after his fight with Oden, we all know that he is not as mighty as it was shown. Oden could have defeated Kaido in a one on one if the old hag wouldn’t have distracted Oden.

Kaido is still a Yonko, and Luffy is still not strong enough to defeat Kaido in a one vs one and that is why he needs help.

Orochi attacked the Luffy alliance ships and everyone is missing with the ships and nobody knows what happened.

The One Piece manga 974 spoilers will reveal what happens next and before reading what might happen in the next One Piece chapter, let’s do a recap of the last chapter.

The Dr. Stone season 2 and Solo Leveling anime release dates will be released soon. The One Piece anime for this week is on break for the time being and will return soon.

One Piece 974 Spoilers Released Finally!

So the English raw scans and spoilers for the chapter has finally been released and we are here with all the spoilers of the upcoming chapter.

We have written a separate article on the One Piece spoilers, so go check that out and check out our list of best anime streaming websites as well.

One Piece Manga 974 Spoilers

One Piece 973 recap and summary

Chapter 973 was titled “The Kozuki clan” and the One Piece manga 973 spoilers came true and the last chapter was all about The scabbards escape from Kaido and Orochi.

The chapter started with recaps of Oden on Roger’s ship and having talks with Mononosuke and teaching him about ways of life. There are flashbacks of Oden with Toki, Momonosuke, Hiyro and the scabbards.

Oden tells his retainers how they should turn to the Zou whenever they need any help. Kinemon and the rest are trying to get away from Kaido’s headliners and numbers.

One Piece manga 974

Inurashi and Nekomamushi start fighting on how one of them could be the traitor and this seems to be the start of their enmity.

Shinobu supplies Kinemon and the rest with weapons while they try to flee from the scene. One of the numbers was shown but it was pitch black as usual and we didn’t get to see much.

There are scenes of Kaido choking Momonosuke as well and just when Kaido tried to kill Momo, Kinemon rescues him and gets away and the Kaido soldiers start chasing them.

Kinemon and the rest manage to get to the Oden castle but Kawamatsu and Hiyori get separated from them. Toki sends those who reached the Oden castle to 20 years in the future and stays behind and it seems like Toki takes her last breath in the Oden castle.

The major spoilers came in the form of Denjiro getting revealed as Kyoshiro from the flower capital and how he has been working in the shadows for when the time of the war comes and the scabbards need help.

Hiyori is still alive and she goes by the name of Komurasaki and they are secretly working while winning Orochi’s trust and that’s where the chapter ended and now we can’t wait to read One Piece 973 raw scans and spoilers.

One Piece 974 Spoilers releasing soon

So the end of Act 3 is coming near and Oda is clearing minor points for us one by one so that he doesn’t have many questions when the fight starts.

The Wano arc act 4 will be starting soon and the time of the fire festival at the Onigashima island is coming near. Chapter 973 was a flashback chapter as well and I think that the One Piece chapter 974 will be the last flashback chapter.

Manga Chapter 974 will maybe the start of the current timeline as well. Orochi will be heading to Onigashima and even though Kinemon and others are stranded, Kyoshiro might be hiding all of the alliance come in clutch at the last moment.

We all know that Kyoshiro is an ally and he will be the most helpful in the fight. The fire festival will be starting soon and all of Kaido’s soldiers together with numbers are present at Onigashima and Orochi will be joining him soon.

The identity of the numbers is still to be revealed and we don’t know what type of creatures they are. One Piece 974 will be all about the manga returning to the current timeline.

The One Piece manga 974 spoilers will be releasing soon and we will be sharing them here as they get released, check our Solo Leveling 109 article while you wait.

One Piece Manga 974 Raw Scans Release

With the age of piracy coming to an end soon, sites like Mangastream and Jaiminisbox have stopped One Piece scanlations and this is why the spoilers are getting released late.

The Spoilers for Chapter 974 of One Piece will be released somewhere near 12th February 2020 and we will be sharing the links once they are out.

There are many theories online on how the raid will go, so check them out and also check our Reddit One Piece theories.

Who is the traitor? When will the traitor get revealed?

Instead of the traitor, the real identity of Kyoshiro was revealed in the last chapter and we still have no idea who is the traitor.

Many people believe it to be one of the nine red scabbards and most of the fans suspect Kanuro to be the traitor. There are no solid proofs on that and all we can do is wait for Oda to reveal the details.

One Piece traitor

Here’s a thread from Reddit saying how Kanjuro is the real traitor.

What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments down below.

The Traitor is… (Spoilers) from r/OnePiece

When Will One Piece Manga go on break next?

The One Piece manga was on break last week because of Oda’s bad health and it seems like the manga will be going on break every three chapters so that Oda can rest for a while in between.

Oda’s health has been deteriorating and we don’t want Oda to get ill. It’s better for him to rest and take him time and only release when he feels so even if it causes late chapters.

We expect the One Piece 976 will be the next chapter on break and we will update all the details as we get more news.

What is the official One Piece 974 release date?

The One Piece manga chapter 973 will be officially released on 15th March 2020.

Where can we read the upcoming One Piece chapter?

You can read the upcoming One Piece chapter 974 on Viz and Mangaplus site.

When will the Onigashima raid start?

The raid might take ten to twenty more chapters to start.

Check our chapters on Black Clover 243 and Haikyuu 386 as they will be releasing soon. Let us know what you think about the upcoming One Piece chapter in the comments below or on our subreddit.

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