One Piece 955 Spoilers, One Piece 955 Raw & Scans

One Piece 955 spoilers are flooding the internet and today we will be discussing about the upcoming One Piece Manga 955 raw scans. The last episode was breathtaking and we got to see many new things and we will be discussing them in this post today.

Last chapter started with zoro and the swords and we got to see about the past of the Enma sword and how it belonged to Lord Kozuki Oden and Zoro is asked to return shishui in return he will be given the legendary sword enma, the only sword that ever injured Kaido and as you know Kaido only ever got one scar and everybody wanted to know how he got that scar and finally we got the answer.

Zoro is ready to return the sword but he asks them to let him visit the grave of Ryuma. Then we get to see Luffy training with Hyogoro and he is trying to perfect the advanced armament haki in order to defeat Kaido and Big Mom.

The law and luffy’s pirate alliance still doesn’t know that kaido and Big Mom created a pirate alliance and now Luffy will have to fight both of them and this is going to be hard even for Luffy. The nine red scabbards are trying their best to gather more members for the army so that they can go against the beast pirates.

One Piece 955

We also get to see Law in the prison where he has hawkins cut up in half and the law is asking questions about how he joined beast pirates. He asked hawkins about his pirate alliance with Kid and Appo and then he explains what really happened.

Appo was already in contact with Kaido and he set up Kid and hawkins, hawkins smartly joined the beast pirates but Kid and killer tried to fight Kaido and lost and now both of them are in prison where Kaido is trying to teach both of them a lesson.

One Piece 955 spoilers and One Piece 855 scans & raw will be coming to the internet soon and we will be releasing them on this blog as well. One piece manga 955 spoilers are widely shared on reddit and I will be mentioning some of those spoilers down below for you to read.

One piece manga 954 also introduced the numbers and it seems like Appo is one of the numbers and they are back in wano for the kagura festivals. The numbers are back and the queen is not very happy about it and queen says that he doesn’t like the numbers because they have very drunk personalities.

One Piece 955

Kaido’s army now has gifters, waiters, plaeasurers, numbers, and the three calamities. Kaido’s army is very very strong and the war is going to be very very hard and Luffy needs strong companions in order to fight Kaido and more will be shown in One Piece 955.

Big Mom and Kaido have created an alliance and now the war is going to be even more intense and we think that big mom’s pirate will soon arrive at wano as well.

One Piece 955 Spoilers, One Piece 955 Raw & Scans

One Piece manga 955 spoilers are all over the internet and I am going to share a few of them here. People over the internet think that Zoro is going to take the enma sword and a fleet will soon be arriving at wano to help out Luffy and I think they are going to be the remaining members of the whitebeard pirates.

We suspect that the revolutionary army will be coming to wano as well to help Luffy and from the looks of it we think Bege is going to arrive as well. Many people are thinking that Luffy’s army of 5600 will be coming to help him as well but we don’t think so.

Luffy will have to get through this with the help of minks and whitebeard remnants only and I think that kid pirates will help as well. Now that Kaido and Big Mom has created an alliance we need some strong members in order to win this war.

Now let’s talk about the upcoming One Piece 955 raw and scans. The scans for manga 955 will be released on Thursday one day before the actual manga comes out and we will post them here as soon as they are leaked on the internet.

One Piece 955 raw is in Japanese when released and then it is translated to English so that the international audience can read it. The translation takes some time and that is why One Piece 955 raw scans will be delayed this week.

We expect great things from the upcoming One piece manga 955. Let us know what do you think about the upcoming manga and also read one piece and also watch one piece English subbed episodes while you are at it.

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