One Piece 949 Spoilers, One Piece Manga 949 Predictions and Discussion

One Piece 949 Spoilers are out and today in this post we will be discussing the upcoming One Piece Manga 949 and what we expect to happen in the next chapter. Big Mom has been subdued and is being taken to the Kaido and as we saw Big Mom has regained her lost memories and she will no longer be any help to Straw hats.

Big Mom and Kaido are both in Wano now and I don’t think the Big Mom is going to leave just because Kaido asks her to, she is going to stay and if she stays it will become a big problem for Straw hat alliance as now they will have to fight against two emperors at once.

Oda foreshadowed that Wano arc will be one of the best arcs ever and will be one of the best and biggest wars of One Piece world and we are already seeing two emperors gathered here but the question arises that how only Luffy, Law and the Wano retainers will fight against the Beast pirates and Big Mom Pirates.

Marco the Phoenix said no but we know the whole whitebeard fleet will come for Luffy’s aid and we expect that maybe Shanks will come for help as well but at the very last. Oda has been building the arc little by little and in the last chapter we got to see one of the Nine Red Seaths “Kawamatsu The Kappa” and it was also revealed that Kiku is a man and a very excellent swordsman and is one of the Wano retainers.

One Piece 949 is going to be a good one as Luffy and Hyogoro and the Wano retainers are surrounded in the Udon prison and Luffy is practicing his Haki on the jailers and now the retainers will help him break out of the prison and all the prisoners will follow them as well and now Luffy alliance will have many strong people who hate the Shogun Orochi.

One Piece 949
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Upon the request of Hyogoro Kiku, Raizo and Kawamatsu are out in the open and now the prisoners know very well that Oden retainers are still alive and they are planning to launch an attack against Orochi and now the prisoners see a ray of hope of them getting out of prison and finally fighting Orochi.

One Piece 949 Spoilers, One Piece Manga 949 Predictions

Luffy will finally get out of the prison and they will regroup with Law and Kinemon and start planning what they will be doing next against Kaido and at the same time Big Mom will be meeting Kaido at his mansion and we have no idea what to expect from them, I think there will be a little fight against Kaido but they know what will happen when two emperor’s fight so they will slow down and they will be fighting against Luffy together and thus they will start looking for Luffy.

The upcoming chapters are going to be great so make sure not to miss any and One Piece anime is going on as well and Wano arc has started in anime as well so One Piece has gotten really interesting. Read One Piece manga online on Viz Media site and also check out these best sites to watch One Piece. The Wano arc fight of Luffy vs Kaido will be starting in manga chapters soon but first Luffy needs to find allies who will help him fight against Kaido.

We expect that Marco will be coming to Wano with all of the remaining Whitebeard fleet members and they will help Luffy in the fight against Kaido and Big Mom and I think marco will make an alliance with Luffy and with this many strong people with him Luffy finally will be seen as one of the emperors of the sea.

Luffy Vs Kaido is going to be a huge fight and I am sure we are all going to enjoy it so keep reading the upcoming Manga chapters and One Piece Manga 949 will be released on 13th July 2019 so make sure to read it as soon as it is released.

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