One Piece 945 Spoilers, One Piece Manga 945: Big Mom Vs Queen

One Piece 945 Spoilers are out and today we are going to discuss the upcoming One Piece Manga 945 and Big Mom Vs Queen is going to be happening at last and we all are excited about it. One Piece 945 will be released next week and we are going to give you all the information regarding the next One Piece Chapter 945.

One Piece 944 was a banger and we finally saw Zoro and Sanji in action and as I predicted they will not fight Orochi or it seems so as of now. Franky, Chopper and everyone is there and they are thinking of running off with Toko and Yasuie’s dead body thus not having conflict before the main destined war Kaido Vs Luffy.

The broadcast of the execution place is going on everywhere and in the prison as well were Queen and his lackeys are watching the broadcast with the prisoners and Luffy. Queen is sure that Orochi will finish off Zoro and Sanji and then he will execute Luffy in the prison as well.

The story takes a turn and the queen’s soldiers come back with the prisoners that escaped and we see Captain Kid in there as well and there we see a new face, Killer of the captain kid crew and it seems that Orochi or Kaido fed him the defected SMILE fruit and now he can’t control his emotions and is non stop laughing and that is what’s bugging Eustass Captain Kid.

Kaido captured Kid and his crew and Kid was sent to prison but no one knew what had happened to his crew and when he escaped he finally met “Killer” and Kid finds him laughing nonstop which is what Killer hates the most and now Eustass Kid can’t figure out what did Kaido’s crew do to Killer to make him laugh like that, the laugh that Killer despises and hates the most.

Eustass Kid is angry not knowing about the Smile fruit and we see that Luffy and Hyogoro have already figured that out, One Piece Manga 944 changes lots of things, Eustass Kid will be at his highest rage now, he will be so angry now that we can even see him forming an alliance with Luffy to beat Kaido and this will surely help Luffy.

Now that Queen has captured the escapees the sumo match is back on but Luffy attacks Queen but queen deflects his punch and sends Luffy flying. They hear a sound from the back of the prison and no one knows what is happening and then we see Big Mom coming in

Big is hungry and coming in the prison and that’s where the chapter ends and now we know for sure that Big Mom Vs Queen is going to happen for sure and this might be how Luffy and all the prisoners will escape and Queen will get a nice beating for sure.

One Piece Manga 945 is going to be a great one and there are chances that even Kaido might show up and then the chapter will get intense for sure. One Piece 945 spoilers are already flooding the Internet and we are here to discuss the next chapter One Piece 945.

One Piece 945 Spoilers And Release Date:-

One Piece chapter 945 will be released on 6th June 2019 and the next manga chapter is going to be an intense one. Queen will fight Big Mom and all of us know that Queen is no match for Big Mom but Queen will try fighting for sure and there are great chances that Kaido might show up hearing the name of Big Mom at Udon prison.

One Piece spoilers will start coming soon and One Piece 945 Raw & scans will be available on the Internet as well and this week One Piece Episode 887 will be released as well so check that for sure.

One Piece 945 spoilers are going to be great for sure and here are some of our predictions regarding One Piece Chapter 945.

Queen will be facing Big Mom and this will give a chance to the prisoners to escape, this fight is not going to be long we hope but we can’t say anything for sure right now.

There is a high chance of Kaido coming to prison, Only Kaido will be able to stop Big Mom’s rampage or there’s another possibility that Big Mom will beat Queen and somehow she will find O-Shiruko and get calm and then Chopper will take Big Mom away from all this mess and they go in hiding again.

One Piece 945 is going to be great and keep visiting for more as we will update this post daily and also check out High School Romance Anime and also check out the last few remaining chapters of Seven Deadly Sins.

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