One Piece 945 Raw & Scan In English : Queen Vs Big Mom

One Piece 945 Raw And Scans in English Subtitles will be released soon and everyone is very excited about the next chapter of One Piece Manga. One Piece 945 is going to be a battle between Queen and Big Mom and all the prisoners are going to escape the Udon prison for sure and they are likely to form an alliance with Luffy to defeat Kaido.

One Piece Manga 945 Raw and scans are always released a few days before the actual manga and this is why people eagerly wait for the raw of the chapters and in this post,we will be including One Piece Raw scans as soon as they are released on the internet but before that lets talk about the last chapter and the upcoming chapter and also One Piece 945 Spoilers.

One Piece 944 showed Big Mom arriving at the Udon prison destroying the gate and all the guarding soldiers and she is on her hunger pangs and we all know that she will not stop until she gets what she wants and she is going to destroy everyone that comes in her way and this time she will be facing Queen.

Queen Vs Big Mom will be intense for sure but all of us know that Queen is not going to be much of a fight for Big Mom and Charlotte will crush Queen in one blow we expect but the thing is Luffy ate all the O-Shiruko and now nothing is left for Queen as well as Big Mom so how do you guys think will they be able to Big Mom’s hunger pangs?

One Piece 945 will answer all our questions and we can’t wait to read the next chapter. In this post we will be discussing One Piece 945 Raw scans as well as some predictions and spoilers and what community thinks about this and how will Kaido react to all this?

There are lots of questions going on in people’s mind and next week all the questions will be answered for sure and in this article, we will also tell you the release date of the next One Piece Chapter.

One Piece 945 Raw Scans And Release Date:-

One Piece Manga 945 will be released on 6th June 2019 and we expect that the title of the next chapter is going to be “Big Mom Vs Queen The Calamity”. The raw scans of One Piece Chapter 945 will be released to the public on the Internet around 4th June and the English subtitle version gets released after a few hours of the Chinese version.

Reddit is the best place to browse spoilers and predictions regarding One Piece so make sure you check some of the Reddit threads as well. All of the information related to the next chapter will be shared here and the raw scans for One Piece 945 will be shared as soon as they are available as well.

[RAW Coming Soon]

One Piece 945 Raw scans will be here and we will update the post as soon as we get our hands on it so keep visiting also check out the upcoming One Piece Episode 887 and also read One Piece online, we have mentioned some great sites where you can read all the latest chapters also check out our list of best high school romance anime.


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