One Piece 944 RAW & Scan : Sanji And Zoro Reunite

One Piece 944 Raw & Scan will be released soon and we are here today to talk about the upcoming chapter and fans are really excited about it and in this article, we will be discussing what we think might be happening in the next chapter of One Piece.

Last episode Sanji and Zoro reunite in order to save Toko and we expect them to fight Orochi but most of the fanbase thinks that its too early for a fight of that degree so we expect that Zoro and Sanji will fight against few of the Kaido’s crew and run with Toko so that they don’t cause a full-blown fight.

One Piece chapter 944 will be released on 31st May 2019 and people start searching for the Raw & scans of the chapters even below the release of the main chapter so that they can get a rough idea of what might be happening in the upcoming chapter.

One Piece raw chapters most of the time are in the original language i.e Japanese because they have not been translated yet, so for most people, it is difficult to understand but still they can get the rough idea with the drawings of the Raw manga.

There are are many websites online that will be publishing the One Piece 944 Raw & Scan but we always try to be the first to share the Raw and scans of the chapters online. One Piece Manga 944 Raw will be released online around 29th May 2019 and as soon as they release the RAW for One Piece 944 we will share them here for sure so don’t forget to follow us on all social media.

One Piece 944 Raw & Scans : Zoro And Sanji Vs Orochi?

One Piece Manga 944 is going to be full of action and we expect that Zoro and Sanji will be fighting against Orochi and this is going to be huge for the Wano arc. It will be like a mini fight before the main Wano arc fight of Luffy Vs Kaido.

One Piece 944 RAW

Orochi has the Hebi-Hebi No Mi devil fruit and him fighting against Zoro and Sanji will be exciting for sure. We already have a thread on One Piece 944 Spoiler so make sure to check that article and if you have any theories regarding the next episode make sure to let us know in comments and if the theories seem legit we will include them in our article for sure.

One Piece Manga chapters are released every week and we write about chapter spoilers as well as RAW scans so keep visiting us daily and also check out best websites to read One Piece Manga and sites to watch One Piece Episodes.

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