Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 260 Spoilers Released

My Hero Academia Chapter 260 Spoilers have finally been released and we get to see what happens with the doctor and we got to finally know the secret of Ujiko’s quirk.

Following the release of the last chapter, there had been some controversy over the name of the All for one accomplice ‘Shiga Maruta’. His last name was found offensive by many readers throughout the globe.

Shonen Jump and the author Horikishi Kohei have given a formal apology. The author even gives a proper explanation for choosing maruta as the doctor’s name. The maru in his name means round and ta meaning fat was just a perfect match to the doctor’s appearance.

Regardless of the controversy, there was no delay with chapter releases.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 259 recap

Before jumping onto the spoilers let’s quickly recap what happened last chapter.

The hospital that shiga used as his operating base has been raided by the heroes and Endeavor is there and now there’s no place for Ujiko to run.

My Hero Academia Chapter 260

Endeavor along with Aizawa, present mic and one of the top hero Rabbit hero Miruko, prepare to surround the hospital with the help of UA students and other heroes.

After assigning roles and giving appropriate explanations to the students the operation begins.

Endeavor, Mic, and Aizawa enter through the main entrance along with other heroes and are quickly able to find the doctor and as Endeavor tries to catch him then the chapter ends.

My Hero Academia Chapter 260 spoilers Finally Released

So without further ado here are some of the few events that take place in chapter 260 and check out our subreddit as well.

  • As soon as the doctor starts running Aizawa uses his quirk on it and the doctor’s body instantly grows wrinkly and extremely old.
  • Naomasa(cop) deduces and explains how his quirk might be the reason behind all for one’s immortality.
  • Mic seeing the potential behind what the doctor could’ve done, he gets mad and screams at him for choosing the path of a villain.
  • The pussy cats evacuate the hospital while these events take place.
  • The doctor turns out to be a twice clone.
  • Miruko makes her way to the doctor’s lab that’s located somewhere inside the morgue.
  • The doctor gets the air about the operation and tries to get away using this Nomu John but couldn’t as Miruko jumps in his lab breaking an entire section of the room.

These are the events that take place throughout the chapter.

What is The official Release Date Of My Hero Academia Manga 260?

My Hero Academia 260 will be officially released on 11th February 2020 and you can read the chapter on Viz and Mangaplus app.

As for the predictions for the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 261.

Most likely the doctor will be using his special Nomu’s once countered and tries to escape along with shigaraki. The rabbit hero Miruko’s true power and potential could possibly be displayed in the upcoming chapters and we might actually understand why she’s one of the top ten heroes.

An all-out Nomu attack with those special Nomu’s is also a possibility but that remains to be seen.

Next week we will be getting the new One Piece and Solo Leveling chapter and fans can’t wait to read them. Check out our article on how to read Haikyuu Manga as well.

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