Haikyuu 394 Raw Scans, Haikyuu Chapter 394 Release Date

Haikyuu 394 raw scans and spoilers are going to be released soon and we can’t wait to read who will emerge the victor in the third round.

The third set is finally nearing its end stage, Jackals are in the lead but the Adlers have started making a comeback and Hoshiumi’s spike at the end of the last Haikyuu chapter indicated of that.

Fans are excited to know who will be the winner in this game of Jackals vs Adlers, Kageyama vs Hinata, who will win?

Many fans seem to believe that Hinata’s team will be the one to win and there has been not much to see from Hinata’s side since the first set but Hinata will dazzle everyone with his skills again at the end of the third set of this game.

Haikyuu 394

The last chapter was all about Hoshiumi and his past. How people used to think of his short height as his disadvantage, but players like Hoshiumi and Hinata have made their short height their advantage in this gave of tall.

Being short is the reason they have been able to attain wings,this is the reason they can jump so high and contest the mid air battle against even the tallest of the players.

Hinata and Hoshiumi has proved that you don’t need to be tall or short to be playing this game, all you need is unmatched technique and skill, which both Hinata and Hoshiumi possess.

At the end of the last Haikyuu Chapter we got the message that being short may be a disadvantage but its not a sign of incompetence.

The score at the end of the chapter was 20 to 19 in the favor of the Jackals. Even though the jackals are in the lead, with the last spike of Hoshiumi, the momentum has shifted in Adlers favor.

The Haikyuu Chapter 394 will be the final chapter it seems, if there are no more fillers or backstories, this chapter will decide who will finally win the match.

What do you think? Who will emerge the victor? Will it be Jackals or the Adlers? Let us know in the comments below.

Today in this article we will be discussing the Haikyuu Manga Chapter 394 spoilers, raw scans and official release date.

There are no breaks this year for any of the Shonen manga titles, One Piece Chapter 980 will be releasing this week as well.

Manga like My Hero Academia 272 and Black Clover 251 spoilers will be releasing as usual together with the upcoming Haikyuu chapter, so make sure to check them out as well.

Haikyuu Chapter 394 Spoilers & Predictions

Chapter 394 is going to be released soon and fans can’t wait to read the spoilers so that they can know about the manga before the actual official release.

Sadly the spoilers have not been released yet, the Haikyuu 394 raw scans are still being translated to English and that is why the spoilers are not here.

We will be releasing all the spoilers and raw scans here as soon as they get released. So stay tuned and while you wait for the spoilers to be released, check out our predictions for the upcoming chapter.

Hinata has been silent this set, Atsumu Miya and Bokuto have stolen all the highlights of this set, but if Jackals are to win, Hinata must do something and increase the lead even further.

Both the teams are filled with monsters who are capable of changing the flow of the game any moment with their skills alone. The games are getting more and more intense, the upcoming Chapter 394 will most likely be the finale of this match.

The next chapter will decide who will be the winner. What will be Kageyama’s role in the last set? Kageyama showed his true colors in the second set but we still have to see more from him. Ushiwaka has been silent for the most part of the game as well.

Many fans and I believe that this match will end in Jackals favor and Hinata will emerge the victor at last.

As we mentioned earlier, the Haikyuu Manga 394 spoilers have not been released yet, and they will be shared when they get released online.

Haikyuu 394 Release Date & Where To Read?

Fortunately, there are no breaks this week for the Haikyuu manga. Because of this, the chapter will be released as usual.

Haikyuu Manga Chapter 394 will be officially released on May 24th and will be available to read on Viz official website, you can also check our list of sites to read Haikyuu Manga.

The raw scans are being translated to English and the spoilers will be released once they get translated.

Haikyuu Season 5 anime will be released soon, and according to the recent news The God of High School anime and Jujutsu Kaisen anime adaptation has been announced.

Let us know your views on the upcoming Haikyuu Chapter in the comments below and we will keep sharing the latest anime and manga news here, so stay tuned!

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