Demon Slayer 196 Raw, Kimetsu no Yaiba 196 Spoilers Out Soon

The fight between Muzan and Tanjiro is nearing its end hours and we can’t wait to read Demon Slayer 296 raw scans and spoilers.

Kimetsu no yaiba 196 will show us what happens next in the fight, will Tanjiro be able to defeat Muzan or will Muzan escape before the sunrise?

Nezuko has started changing and we got to see that she has begun her transformation to a human being as one of her eyes has turned blue.

The last chapter started with Muzan thinking about Yoriichi and how muzan things of him as the real monster. Yoriichi gave Muzan many life-threatening scards that are still haunting Muzan.

Muzan is weakening because of the agin effect and his wounds are moving and Tanjiro can now easily locate his vital organs and only aim for them.

Iguro is actively helping Tanjiro in the fight even though he is bling and using the snake as his vision. Tanjiro needs to do something about Iguro eyes soon as Kaburamaru can only help so much.

Only forty minutes remain till dawn and as Tanjiro is distracted, Muzan tries to run off the battlefield while shredding the corpses of Tanjiro’s fallen teammates.

Demon Slayer 196

Tanjiro is infuriated and launches a barrage of swords in Muzan direction that Muzan must stop otherwise there are chances of some serious injuries.

As Muzan tries to stop the incoming swords, Iguro takes advantage of the chance and rams a red sword through Muzan’s neck.

Muzan is now seriously injured and I don’t think he can fight anymore in that condition. Muzan is losing breath and if he doesn’t do anything soon, Tanjiro and Iguro will be able to finish off soon.

The Demon slayer chapter showed Nezuko transforming a human and that’s where the chapter ended. The Nezuko transformation is a huge thing for the manga plot and all the readers.

We can’t wait to read what happens in the next Demon Slayer 196. We will be sharing the Kimetsu no yaiba Chapter 196 raw scans and spoilers as soon as they get released here.

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Update- The Demon Slayer Chapter 196 spoilers are yet to be released and we will be sharing them here as soon as they get released.

Demon Slayer 196 Spoilers Out Soon

The match between Tanjiro and Muzan will be continuing in the next Kimetsu no yaiba chapter 196 and as the dawn is near, Muzan needs to do something quickly otherwise his death will be guaranteed.

Iguro has used yuushiro’s paper to increase his visibility and Tanjiro seems back on his foot as well, on the other side Muzan is weak and injured.

Kimetsu no Yaiba 196

There are only forty minutes till dawn and the only question in everybody’s mind is if Muzan will try to escape again or will he fight both Iguro and Tanjiro until he defeats them.

Maybe Nezuko will appear at the fight scene and Muzan will try to devour her to increase his strength. The upcoming Demon Slayer manga 196 will be one of the last among the fight arc and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Kimetsu no Yaiba 196 Raw Scans Release Date

Mangastream has stopped doing Viz scanlations and that is why the Demon Slayer raw scans get released these days.

We will be sharing the links to Kimetsu no yaiba Chapter 196 raw scans as soon as they get released and make sure to join our strawhat subreddit to read the English scans as soon as they get released.

When Will Demon Slayer 196 officially get released?

The official release date for Demon Slayer chapter 196 is 1st March 2020.

Where can we read the upcoming Kimetsu no Yaiba Chapter 196?

The upcoming Demon Slayer manga chapter 196 will be available to read on Viz and Mangaplus.

Will Tanjiro defeat Muzan in the Chapter 196 of Demon Slayer?

Muzan is weaker than ever and if Tanjiro wishes to defeat him, the next chapter should be it.

Let us know what you think will be happening in the upcoming Chapter 196 and we will be sharing the raw scans and spoilers as soon as they get released online and check out our Solo Leveling anime article as well.

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