Black Clover Episode 119 Release Date, Spoilers, Streaming Details

Black Clover’s recent episodes have been very interesting and we got to see the Demon fighting the first Magic emperor in the last episode and we can’t wait to watch Black Clover Episode 119 release date and streaming details.

Black Clover is the story of two boys, Asta and Yuno and their journey to become the magic emperor someday. Asta was born without magic and Yuno is someone blessed with tremendous magic.

Asta posses the five clover grimoire and Yuno has the legendary four-leaf grimoire. Asta and Yuno have gotten a lot stronger and now using their power to fight the true demon.

In Black Clover Episode 118 Nero revived the first magic emperor from slumber and now they have reached the place where all the fighting is going on to assist Asta, Yuno and the rest of Clover kingdom.

Black Clover Episode 119

The Demon with his word magic seems to be very strong and is taking on seven people at once and still coming on top. The addition of the first Magic emperor and Nero has added a lot of power to the fight and they have a good chance of coming on top.

Black Clover Episode 119 release and streaming date

The Black Clover episode 119 will be released on 28th January 2020 and you can watch the upcoming Black Clover episode on Crunchyroll.

The upcoming chapter is going be intense and fans can’t wait for the release of the upcoming chapter. I am excited as well and like everyone I also want to see Yuno and Asta going full power in the upcoming fight.

The demon sword of Asta is going to be key in defeating the demon as he is the only one able to negate the demon’s attacks. The way he uses his powers in the upcoming episode will affect the tide of the war.

Black Clover Episode 119 spoilers and full details

The name of the Black Clover next episode is “The Final Attack” and according to the preview we got, Yuno and Asta will be going full power and everybody else will try to launch a final attack in order to bring the demon down for good.

From the preview of the episode, it seems like the next episode will be the end of the demon but that is not going to happen and we all know that. He has the power to regenerate and only Asta can stop his regeneration.

Yuno with his Wind spirit will go ham and show his full power in front of the magic emperor, Yamo and Licht. Everyone already acknowledges Yuno but next chapter will show his full power.

Here’s the trailer aka preview of the next chapter.

Where to watch Black Clover Eng sub episode 119

To all those who want to watch the upcoming Black clover episode as soon as it gets released, you can watch the Black Clover 119 on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

To get information about all the upcoming Black Clover related news, keep visiting our site and we will do our best to publish the best anime and manga news possible.

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